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5 Reasons to Dump You’re Out-of-State Rental – Sell Your House Today

Are you an out-of-state landlord? Is it really worth it?   While real estate investments can be profitable, being an out-of-state landlord can be challenging at best and a nightmare at worst. Local landlords experience far less stress and financial expenditures than absentee landlords. Here are some reasons you might… Read More

Maximizing Your Quick Cash House Sale Benefits

Selling your house for cash may sound like a good idea to you, but how can you maximize your quick cash sale benefits?   Many homeowners are benefitting from house cash sales. In fact, in many markets, cash for home sales are reaching a very high percentage of sales. One… Read More

When to Evict a Tenant and Sell your Portland House fast

Are you experiencing difficulties with a tenant? Where do you go from here?   One of the downsides of owning rental property in Portland, Oregon is the uncertainty of knowing whether or not you are renting to a good tenant. Unfortunately for some landlords, despite their due diligence with conducting… Read More

The 6 Dirty Secrets of Selling a House

Thinking of selling your  house?  They say it is a seller’s market now, so maybe selling isn’t such a bad idea.  But is your house ready for the market?   Even in a strong seller’s market, if your house isn’t ready to sell, you may have difficulty selling it. Below… Read More