Monthly Archives: March 2014

Downsizing is an Investment in You: Sell My Home Fast

Have you considered what downsizing can mean to your financial freedom? Downsizing, typically associated with retirees, can help people at any age. In this post, we discuss ways people from all walks of life are breaking out of the grind by selling a home fast and using downsizing to their… Read More

How to Get the Most from a Fast House Sale

Most people prefer to sell a home fast and maximize their profits. However, one  of the unfortunate aspects of selling a house is that it takes time and money.   Houses can sit on the market for a long time before an offer is forthcoming. Costs of repairs and renovations… Read More

3 Signs Your Home Equity is Not Helping You!

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Making do with less, but still finding it difficult to stick to your budget?   The economy over the past several years has put you and a lot of people like you in a tough financial situation. The American Dream and middle class… Read More

House Rich and Cash Poor (Sell Your House Fast)

If you are like a lot of people, the economic situation is making it tough to meet monthly financial payments. Maybe you’ve been thinking about how taking some  equity out of your house could help with debt or other cash shortfalls, only to find that refinancing or a home equity… Read More

Why NOW is the Time to Sell a House for Cash

When you have an opportunity to sell your house for cash in today’s market, it is best to give it serious consideration.   A number of factors are adding up to “Sell my house for cash now.” We’ve listed them in this blog, so that you can find the right… Read More