Monthly Archives: June 2015

Melting Yet?

Who would have known? 100 degree temperatures in June instead of rain showers in the Pacific Northwest? The times ~~ well they are a changin’ and whether you want to blame Obama, the depleting ozone, or global warming, the weather’s getting weird. Many of us are without A/C due to several… Read More

Staging Your house for Sale

Love at First Sight: The Importance of Staging.   Listing your home for sale can be one of the more stressful things we do in life. Knowing that perfect strangers will be poking around in our closets, bathrooms, bedrooms. It’s unnerving. Most of us would rather avoid that at all… Read More

PDX Renovations Referrals

Is there an “ugly” house in your neighborhood? An unsightly yard with overgrown shrubs and paint chipping away in huge chunks. Dilapidated front porch with a screen hanging half off. Perhaps appliances in the yard or an old car or piles of lumber. Maybe your neighbor up and moved to… Read More

Fixing up the house on a fixed income

Seniors who live on fixed incomes often have a difficult time with upkeep in their homes. On average, a homeowner spends nearly $350 a month on minor household repairs, upkeep and cleaning depending on the size of their home. That can be overwhelming for someone on a fixed income so what happens… Read More