Monthly Archives: December 2015

Fresh Start for the New Year

Fresh start for the new year!   It’s that time of year again to make a list and check it twice and then when Christmas is over, start your new year’s list. It’s a great time to look back on the year, ponder our decisions, forgive ourselves for our mistakes… Read More

End of Year Tax Deductions

End of year Tax Deductions The end of the year brings with it plenty to do. The holidays of course, in which you want to be spending time with family and friends, but also, plenty of people have their minds on tax returns. After all, what’s going to pay off all… Read More

Where’s My Equity?

Where’s My Equity? So you bought your house thinking this would be your greatest adventure and investment, right? The majority of people do. It’s the American dream, and much like other American dreams, it’s not a given. Just like tomorrow is not a guarantee, it’s a blessing! Your equity is not something… Read More

Procrastinate Much?

 Do you Procrastinate Much? December. It truly is the month to procrastinate. You know it’s true. How many times do you tell yourself, “I’ll do it next year” especially around the holidays. So much gets put off and thrown under the rug as it’s the time of year to celebrate… Read More