Monthly Archives: March 2016

Housing crisis?

Housing Crisis?   Not again?   Experts are now saying that Supply is the Next projected “Housing Crisis” in America.  The Housing market has gone completely in the opposite direction as the last crisis in which Millions of Americans found themselves upside down in homes and mortgages. Truly that was… Read More

Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Landscaping And Curb Appeal   You’re getting ready to sell your home this spring. You’ve made a list and slowly you are knocking out the little chores that need done around the house to increase value and get you the best offer possible. I’m sure you’ve heard the term first… Read More

Best Portland Neighborhoods

  Best Portland Neighborhoods Choosing a good neighborhood in Portland is difficult. Not because there’s a shortage of good areas but because Portland is so diverse. So it basically boils down to your needs and wants from a good neighborhood. Are you looking for low crime,… Read More

Air Quality in your home

Air Quality in your home Spring is in the Air!   It’s time again for spring cleaning so let’s talk clean air! How is the air quality in your home?   Most of us don’t even think twice about our furnace, chimney, air ducts, carpets, etc. But for the millions… Read More

Top 5 Stressors in Life

The top 5 stressors in life. According to health experts these five things typically cause the most stress. Death of a loved one Divorce Moving Major Illness Job loss Number 3, moving. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s moving from your parents house into your first apartment or moving in with… Read More