Monthly Archives: June 2016

Divorcing? Who keeps house?

Divorcing? Who Keeps House?   The American dream. A spouse. 2.5 kids, white picket fence with a dog and cat. Two cars in the driveway. Every dream is different, but for many of us, the unexpected shock of divorce is all too common. So now what? You’re stuck with a house… Read More

Sell your house fast

Sell your house fast The reality of life is that you’ll move at some time or another. Most likely, you’ll do it several times during your lifetime. While relocating can be exciting, stressful, or bittersweet, the question remains the same: what to do… Read More

Selling Vacant Homes!

Selling vacant homes!   So you’ve got an extra house. It’s vacant, taking up your time and energy, but for what? Will you be renting it out or perhaps putting it on the market? Whatever your decision will be, you’ll most definitely be spending some big money in preparations. Renters… Read More

Summer House Remodels

Summer House Remodels Unsurprisingly, summer is a peak time for home improvement. Many of us use the opportunity to take care of all those projects that aren’t quite as feasible during other seasons. The weather is warm, we have more vacation time…and of course there’s the fact that we spend… Read More