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PDX Renovations Referrals

PDX Renovations Referrals Is there an “ugly” house in your neighborhood? An unsightly yard with overgrown shrubs and paint chipping away in huge chunks. Dilapidated front porch with a screen hanging half off. Perhaps appliances in the yard or an old car or piles of lumber. Maybe your neighbor up… Read More

Portland Good Vs. Portland Bad

Portland Good vs. Portland Bad We’ve all heard that Portland is one of the most popular cities to move to. Now, it’s becoming one of the most popular cities to move away from? Why?  A number of reasons are forcing long time citizens of Portland, Oregon to start looking elsewhere… Read More

Out of State Rentals

Out of state Rentals   So you bought a house, or two for an investment or decided to move out of state and instead of selling the home you lived in, you decided to rent it out. Then you moved out of state, perhaps to retire or make a career… Read More

Speed- dating & Mortgage Companies

Speed- dating & Mortgage Companies What sounds more uncomfortable? Speed dating or Meeting with a mortgage lender? Imagine getting to speed-date your future mortgage company. Funny image, huh? You enter a tacky little restaurant with tiny tables covered in red and white checkered table cloths all lined up in a… Read More