Once you’ve decided to sell a house, it’s important to identify it from others around it. One important difference is the difference between multi-family properties and single-family properties. Do you know the difference?


In this post we’ll share with you three important ways the properties differ so you’ll know the specifics when you decide to sell a house.


  1. A single-family property is unattached and is typically built on a larger lot that surrounds the home. The case in which this definition doesn’t apply is in the case of a duplex, where the yard is shared by multiple families living in the same freestanding unit.


  1. Multi-family units cover a wide variety of dwellings such as townhomes, high-rise buildings and apartments.


  1. Multi-family buildings are usually bought for investment purposes, not as personal dwellings.


When it comes time for you to sell a house, keep in mind the items above so you’ll be able to list the property appropriately.


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