Back To School

We all know that summer is the perfect time to sell a house. For one, curb appeal is better in the summer. Flowers are in bloom, lawns look good and manicured. It’s easy to think about moving your entire life when the sun is shining bright. Also, everyone seems to sell in summer. Get the house on the market or make an offer on a new one before school starts and life gets crazy again. it’s the perfect time to move the family, during the big long break.

But, more and more people are selling in the fall after the rush. The benefits to this is there are normally fewer houses on the market so yours can get more exposure. Plenty of people will even pull their homes off the market once school starts and will hold off another year until pondering selling again, leaving potential buyers to see your home instead.

Back to School season has other benefits as well. Some kids are moving onto college, out of town or out of the house completely, leaving you with an “empty nest”. Time to downsize and think about where you really want to live? Yes. Finally, you don’t have to worry about school boundaries, or the proximity of your house to schools for extra activities, sports, busing, etc. Now you can live on the outskirts of town, or out of the city limits, or where ever your heart desires. Back to school means different things to different people, but at any rate, it’s still a very good time to think about selling.

If you don’t want to put it on the market and deal with the hassles that brings, call us today for a no obligation appointment and a cash offer fast.