Best Portland Areas


Choosing a good neighborhood in Portland is difficult. Not because there’s a shortage of good areas but because Portland is so diverse. So it basically boils down to your needs and wants from a good neighborhood. Are you looking for low crime, great schools, or perhaps for nightlife and culture? Are you a dog person? Do you prefer an elderly area with responsible citizens or a funky side of town with diversity. Whatever your idea of a great area, Portland has an answer.

Dog people tend to choose the Tabor area. Trails, woods, open spaces. It’s man’s best friend’s idea of heaven. There’s plenty of nature up there and some amazing views for you as well.

Do you prefer safety? If so you can get on Portland’s crimeMapper app and look anywhere up you’d like, but most of the time, the safest area is Healy Heights. The Portland areas south end is generally safer than the north. This area is ideal for families and has outstanding education for your children.

Great food and drinks nearby? Are you a foodie or even a foodie wannabe? The Pearl district is infamous for funky joints with a diverse concentration of great hot spots. In fact there are over 40 small restaurants in the area, all with high ratings. If you can’t find it here, you might not find it anywhere.

No car? You prefer a bike or public transit. Downtown is your playground. With several choices to get around, you won’t need a car or a hefty bank account to pay for the gas. The Hollywood district is a close second in this category.

Single life? Northwest area is the place for you. With more singles living nearby, your pool of possibility is endless. You can also check the Boise area, which also has the single thirtysomething crowd staying lively and thriving! If you prefer even younger singles, try the Glenfair area. Whereas the baby boomers are living it up on Hayden Island!

Do you like to live Dangerously? Then the Lloyd area is perfect for you. The NW Industrial area will rival this, but take our advice and don’t stay out after dark in the vicinity of either.

So no matter what constitutes a “great neighborhood” you are sure to find what you are looking for in the Portland Metropolitan area.


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