Great landscaping goes way beyond curb appeal. In last’s week’s blog, we touched in the importance of curb appeal. This week we’ll give you some tips on the best bang for your buck in regards to landscaping so you can have the best yard on the block.

For instance, Grass. Who knew there were so many varieties and doing your research on your soil, climate and geological area can make a big difference on whether your not your lawn is successful or lackluster and full of weeds. There are plenty of resources at your disposal in the area and it doesn’t take but more than a few minutes to get on the web and find out what grass will grow best for you.

Secondly, keeping a low-maintenance yard can free up your schedule for other things. Like lazy days by the river, or taking the kids to the zoo. Who wants to wake up every weekend and obsess about their yard? Simple things like weed shields in flower beds and timers on sprinklers can make your life much easier. Having the best yard on the block can be easy. Others will be green with envy when you pull away with boat in tow, while they are knee deep in clover and dandelions.

Another way to bring character and depth to your yard would be utilizing tiers. From bedrock to faux timber and everything in between, adding layers just adds appeal. Not many people can afford to hire the best of the best in landscaping designers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Home Depot, Lowes, even your neighborhood hardware stores carry “how to” books for any project you desire. Step by step instructions on turning bland to superb and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

So if it’s a small project you seek or a grand redesign of your outdoor living space, you can turn yard work into something fun and rewarding. The results will continue to grow, year after year and with all the low-maintenance solutions available today, you can turn your life and attitude from “have to” to “get to”.