Beware of other “So Called” Cash buyers!

Just like with anything else you need to be careful of the bad guys. Not that they mean you harm, but when looking around for “cash buyers” for your home in Portland Oregon or Clark County, you need to take precautions as not everyone is experienced and up front about everything. We all know real estate is a tricky business. There are contracts, inspections, closing dates, escrow accounts, title reports, disclosures, addendums. Not everyone can be an expert.  Even if someone claims to be a ‘Cash Buyer’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are experienced in buying and selling real estate. A number of things can go wrong and you aren’t careful, you might get stuck with the short end of the stick.

A number of things to look at when considering a cash buyer.


  • Experience: How long have they been doing this? Sure anyone with a stack of cash can get in the game, but money isn’t everything. Look for reviews, references, etc when doing your homework.


  • Literature: How did they contact you? Do they have a legitimate website, phone number, business address? Are they well documented in the community? Can you find them online, on google, internet searches, etc.


  • Great ratings: Check with the Better Business Bureau, the highest standard of reviews. Yelp is also a good one, but “real testimonials” from real past customers are your best line of defense in finding someone legitimate and a true professional.


Contact us today if you’d like more information or have any questions about how a cash sale works and if it’s right for you! Our sales professionals can give you more options than just Listing with an  agent, so call us today.