When you have an IRS lien, property tax lien and other past-due taxes owing, continuing to build equity in your house as you make your mortgage payments won’t help your overall financial picture. I am not saying to stop paying your mortgage! I am saying that a quick cash sale to PDX Renovations will help you settle the tax bills and be free to move on with your life.


Back taxes owed can cloud your business and personal life. If you are looking for a new job or a new residence, or wishing you could re-finance your mortgage, tax liens show up on your credit report and background check. Until you settle your back taxes, many of your options are limited or more costly than they would be if you could clear your old tax debt.


You don’t want to risk losing your equity anyway to the IRS through an involuntary seizure. Only cash will solve your problems with back taxes. By law, bankruptcy can discharge other debts, but not tax liens. PDX Renovations buys your property as-is with no need for your cash for repairs or updating. PDX will make a fair cash offer and close quickly. The equity in your property can clear or reduce your tax debt, settle your mortgage, improve your credit and leave you free to move on without worries about the next move by the IRS.


Delinquent property taxes go with the house to the buyer, so there is quick relief in that corner. The sales price will reflect the buyer’s need to settle back property taxes, but at least that tax lien is no longer on your books.


PDX Renovations makes cash offers for houses in as-is condition, with no need for the seller to put their own cash into repairs and upgrades before closing. We close quickly and allow you to use your equity to clear up nagging tax and other financial issues – and go forward with better credit and fewer worries to the next stage of your life.



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How beneficial would it be to get rid of the tax debt and improve your credit, fast, so you can move on with your life?


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