Unless you’re in the real estate market, most people don’t understand how they come up with Fair Market Value on homes. One neighbor may think their house is just as good or better as the one down the street that sold for much more, but there are a list of different factors when computing Fair Market Value in today’s real estate market.

The common factors are size of house, kind of house (single level ranch vs two story) When the house was built, square footage, bedrooms, bath, garage, etc. Those are the easy ones. The more difficult ones are the ones you don’t necessarily see or think about on a day to day basis. For that list, we must go inside, room by room sometimes and make the comparisons. Granite in the kitchen, tile in the bathrooms, new energy efficient furnace, new roof, insulation, etc. These can add up and unless you have ten’s of thousands of dollars laying around to put into such upgrades, your home may not sell for what your neighbor’s did.

We encourage you to give us a call and use our expertise, even if you are thinking of selling with a realtor, we can really help educate you on the Fair Market Value process and help you decide what would be the best route for you to take when it’s time to sell.

Fair Market Value isn’t just a magical number that you can pull out of a hat and if you aren’t knowledgeable, you could be taken advantage of. So give us a call today. We won’t ever waste your time!