The Unthinkable has happened and now what? A fire. A foundation cracking and falling into the earth. A tree falls, ripping your house in two. Landslide. Any unforeseen damage that we call a natural disaster has happened, now what? Sometimes your insurance covers these costs, but sometimes not. Things like a cracking foundation or a roof falling in just because it’s old and worn out. These things can be extremely costly to fix. So what happens when you are unable to fix the house tragedy and you feel stuck, unable to climb out of that gaping economic hole.

Plenty of other things can be tragic as well. Loss of a spouse, divorce,  or failing health of your elderly parents. There are a number of things in life that we just don’t consider, plan on or budget for. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Unforeseen tragedy that can sometimes be overcome by simply getting out from under your mortgage. Making a fresh start, simply downsizing or making it easier on your loved ones if it’s your own failing health.

There are plenty of options out there and PDX Renovations is one of them. A leading “cash house” buyer in the Portland area. We can come in, take a look around and get you a cash offer within one hour of viewing the property. We won’t waste your time or ask you to do any costly repairs. We’ll even take care of the garbage. So when tragedy strikes for whatever reason, there is a place to turn.

Visit the rest of our website and see what we can do for you. Even if you aren’t selling right now, we’ll give you some options from our team or professionals to at least give you some ideas on what to do next. Call us today!