Social media is everywhere. Everyone from your friends from high school to your grocery store wants you to use it. This is even true when it comes to selling your house. What used to be the contents of the classifieds is now the latest trend on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

Before you jump in it’s best to create an overall marketing strategy—especially if you are working with a real estate agent. You may be confident in your Twitter and Facebook skills, but selling your home is very different posting pictures of your awesome weekend.

Remember these tips:

1)     Don’t be a spammer.  The number one biggest mistake people make on social media is over-promoting their home.  Most businesses try to post once a day or sometimes twice (so it can hit morning and afternoon crowds), but they are careful to avoid crowding people’s feeds. You should do the same.

2)     Don’t forget to post. Of course, there are some people who don’t post their information often enough. If you are an individual selling your home yourself remember that most of the people you are connected with through social media are your friends and not necessarily your buyers. Post several times a week and encourage people to share but don’t bully them.

3)     Include links to information. Just posting a “It’s on the market!!!” update isn’t enough. Post a link to your online listing and include a picture. People want information and will skip right over your post if it doesn’t offer any.

4)     Mix it up. Don’t just post the same picture with the same update every time. Try to build some buzz by chronicling your journey. Some homeowners will even start the status updates when they are preparing their house for the market. They take before and after pictures and gush about upgrades. They post pictures of their landscaping from different seasons. They talk about the different showing they’ve had and what a good deal their house is.  Make your content valuable and interesting and people will share it.

Twitter and Facebook are usually the first things people turn to in social media, but YouTube can be a great marketing resource too.  Some realtors and homeowners make videos with “walking tours” of their homes to pique people’s interest.

Do you have any social media marketing tips? Share them in the comments!

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