The for-sale ad is generally the first exposure that a potential buyer has to your home. It is meant to attract the right people, highlight your home’s strongest features, the advantages of living in your area, and all the information necessary to inform potential buyers of the ways that they can contact you to come take a look.


 If you choose to sell your home yourself, this responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders. This article includes some tips to help you write an effective for-sale ad to get your home sold fast.


1. Inform the buyer. Make sure to include all the information that potential buyers want to know. This means including the asking price, the location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage, the address of the property, and a phone number at which they can reach you.


2. Draw them in. Ad space generally isn’t free. Resources like craigslist are, but they’re generally not enough. You’ll want to reach your broadest possible market, and marketing costs money. Keep the ad short and catchy to save money and interest potential buyers. Use a clever headline that draws them in, describes the best features succinctly, and gives the buyer a reason to come take a look. Consider closing with something like “Will sell quickly.”


3. Foreground the best features. If your home is in a great, safe neighborhood, if it’s convenient for commuters, has a pool, a large yard, plenty of storage, or is close to schools or fun, popular parts of the city… say it loud, and say it proud. Like a resume for a potential new job, you want to highlight the best aspects of your home.


4. Keep it simple. As we mentioned earlier, ad space is at a premium. But in addition to saving you money, a simple, succinct ad is more likely to get read by potential buyers. Don’t go into too much detail or bog your ad down in unnecessary language. Simple sells.


If your ad is catchy and simple, and if it highlights the best features and provides all the necessary information, it should be just fine. Consider running it by friends and family to see if they have any helpful insights as well. Good luck!


Have you ever seen a particularly eye-catching ad for a home? If so, what was so special about it?


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