Compensation: $100,000.00 to $250,000 + Annually (Salary + Commission)
Employment Type: Full-Time

Fast growing real estate investment firm is seeking a super sharp, Rockstar outside sales executive that can produce results and close deals.

Are you an exceptional salesperson? If so, read further.

We are always growing our Sales Division in the Portland Oregon Marketplace and will be hiring 3 extraordinary candidates over the next 30 days. This division’s only focus is on acquiring new investment properties.

Here’s a little background on us:

  • We believe in developing world-class salespeople, investors, and human beings
  • This division accounted for over $50M in sales over the last 12 months and well over 500 million since 2006
  • Our salespeople have the ability to sell some of the most competitive, non-commoditized products/properties in the entire industry that have tremendous commission potential. (Most companies can’t say this, don’t be fooled)
  • Big detailed data is what gives us an unfair competitive advantage in our markets
  • We promote Internally and have tremendous room for advancement in our growing business
  • We protect our culture at all costs. It’s been labeled as inspiring, challenging, competitive, yet extremely fun and drama free
  • Come learn from the best. We are recognized as a top investment company in the Portland Oregon metro Real Estate market and out principal has been doing business in the local area for over 25 years.
  • Technology, systems, and support are world-class and ever-changing
  • We are expanding to the rest of the Oregon and Washington market over the next 6-36 months (plenty of room for growth)

Who Will be Great At This Role:

  • Those who are Outgoing, People Oriented, independent, assertive, self-confident and Persuasive
  •  You need, Opportunities to interact, Social Acceptance, Opportunities to influence
  •  Like Challenges and flexile working environments
  • Will be independent, assertive, self-confident
  • You like control of own activities
  • Take risks and learn from mistakes, manage multiple priorities, take initiative


  • Comfortable with risk, independent, individualistic, self-confident, firm, proactive, takes initiative, competitive, driven to get things done, positive response to pressure

This position entails making rapid decisions, often based on very little information. Novel ideas and confidence are required to deal with quickly changing conditions. Challenge and pressure are the norms. There is a good degree of difference from one day to the next, with shifting priorities and new problems to solve daily. Problems may be situational, factual, or people-based. Solving them involves analysis, creativity, and working with others. In dealing with other people, poise, confidence, and influence are required. Overall flexibility in work style, including involving other people, is important. Established company policies or systems will need to be questioned in an effort to affect positive change. Improvements need to be creative, innovative, unproven, and sometimes risky. Confidence in these solutions, even when faced with strong opposition, is required. Persistence in achieving results is necessary. The focus of the job is the reaching of goals, rather than the details of how things get done. There is a need to freely and easily delegate these details to others, applying pressure for timely results. There is much freedom in this position, which requires independence and self-reliance in setting priorities and determining objectives. This broadly focused job requires a generalist who is more concerned with the strategies involved in reaching goals than with specific or detailed tactics.


  • Negotiate purchase contracts with homeowners, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys
  • Outbound & inbound prospecting. 60+ calls per day
  • Respond and convert inbound leads to appointments and eventual contracts
  • Attend networking events to acquire clients
  • Out of office marketing and sales development activities
  • Manage a database of prospects and clients
  • Analyze investment opportunities for their viability
  • Provide daily reporting of sales activities to management
  • Maintain and exceed company designated quotas
  • Collaborate daily with a fast-paced team
  • Bring new ideas to the organization when opportunities for improvement present themselves


  • Must be able to work full-time. Schedules can be somewhat flexible with advance notice
  • Background and track record of success in selling to consumers is preferred
  • Clean background check required
  • Drivers license required
  • College experience preferred, but not required
  • Must be extremely proficient in selling over the phone and in-person
  • A Real Estate license is not required

Here’s what the ideal candidate would look like:

  • A professional, sharp dresser that understands success comes through hard work and tenacity. This person is teachable and always trying to improve themselves by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs or by whatever means necessary.
  • This candidate is a fast starter and is money motivated who is looking for the right opportunity to use their people skills and talents to build a lasting career with a great company.
  • This person doesn’t whine or make excuses, point fingers, or lay blame, they get results and are proud of it.
  • This candidate can follow instructions and is detail orientated.
  • You are a role model and project our core values of God, Family, Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity.

If you have an interest in real estate, whether you are new or currently working in real estate, this could be a great opportunity for you with future advancement opportunities. 

The first part of the process with us is to complete the following quizzes (there are 2) . It is very quick and will put you ahead of the other applicants if you complete this upfront: 

Here are the 3 steps on how to apply:

  • Step 1- Click and Take Quiz #1:   (Take Quiz Now)
  • Step 2- Click and Take Quiz #2  (this is emailed to you when quiz #1 is completed)
  • Step 3- After you have taken both quizzes-Submit your resume (Submit Resume)   (make sure the subject line reads “World Class Rep Ready For Work” Once we receive your resume we will begin scheduling the interviewing process.

If you are not extremely confident in your abilities, please do not apply.

Only the strongest candidates will make it through our hiring process. These positions are for individuals looking to become world-class Salespeople, team players, and human beings. This is a career, driven by a passion for the industry, not just a “job”.  Our people become family and will have the ability to earn really well and invest in their future with and alongside our company through real estate.

We eat, live, and breathe real estate and expect those who we bring on board with us to do the same.