Is there an “ugly” house in your neighborhood? An unsightly yard with overgrown shrubs and paint chipping away in huge chunks. Dilapidated front porch with a screen hanging half off. Perhaps appliances in the yard or an old car or piles of lumber. Maybe your neighbor up and moved to another continent, leaving their mess behind for you to look at every day. Some homeowner’s are appauled by their neighbors living conditions, but sometimes it’s out of the owner’s control as there is some sort of distress happening, in which they are no longer capable, physically or financially to take care of their properties.

We have a solution. PDX Renovations has been buying ugly houses and homes in distress for nearly 20 years in the Portland metro area and with the market doing as well as it is, we are still going strong, but we can always use your help, so we’ve developed PDX Renovations referrals, a program for those like you who might have a certain property in mind. We take care of everything, all we need is your referral and the address of the house. You can contact us via email, phone or get more involved through our birddog webform at We have a great system in place that rewards citizens like you who want to make Portland a beautiful place to live, one house at a time!


Call us today at 503-560-6620 or email  to learn more about PDX Renovations Referrals