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Phoenix is one of the hottest places in America to buy a home—and we aren’t just talking about the temperature. That market is ready to move and buyers and sellers are primed to go. So how can you speed up the process of buying a house in Phoenix?

Remember the basics of home buying:

1)    Figure out what you REALLY want. When imagining the kind of home you want, feel free to be picky and specific. If you don’t want a tri-level then don’t look at them. If you don’t want a huge yard, then rule out all those properties. Don’t waste time looking at things you know you don’t want.

2)    Get financing in place ahead of time. If you want to buy a house fast then you absolutely must start the financing process before you start looking at houses. Pick a mortgage lender and get pre-approved. This can save you time and money.

3)    Think ahead for inspections and surveyors. Usually waiting for all the different inspections is what slows down the process the most. Get things lined up ahead of time if possible.

You can buy a house fast, especially in markets like Phoenix, if you think ahead and work smart.

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