Portland Good vs. Portland Bad

We’ve all heard that Portland is one of the most popular cities to move to. Now, it’s becoming one of the most popular cities to move away from? Why?  A number of reasons are forcing long time citizens of Portland, Oregon to start looking elsewhere to live. Taxes. Politics. Crowds. Crime. Traffic. It’s a shame that such a beautiful city is forcing out it’s loyal citizens.

The top 5 reasons Portland Oregon is so hot:

  1. Great jobs and industry. More and more companies are moving to the NW. Intel, Nike, IBM are just several who are keeping folks employed.
  2. Mt Hood round year skiing. If you are into the outdoors, Portland has it all, but mostly, we have Mt. Hood.
  3. Schools. Great public schools and private education systems
  4. Downtown Portland. There are many districts that make up this charming city, there is truly something for everyone
  5. No sales tax. Yes, Oregon is one of the few states left with no sales tax

The top ten reasons to leave Portland:

  1. Intolerance: People in Portland pride themselves on tolerance, yet it’s one of the biggest and ridiculous cities…that’s why it’s Weird.
  2. It’s growing too big, too fast
  3. House prices are becoming ridiculous
  4. The relentless rain, but of course, mother nature Is constantly changing and we are becoming more dry, which means our lakes are rivers are suffering.
  5. Crime. The bigger the city, the bigger the target for gangs, sex trafficking and drugs.


I could go on and on about what’s good and what’s bad about Portland. Do you have any thoughts of what is to become of this place we call home?