Do you Procrastinate Much?

December. It truly is the month to procrastinate.

You know it’s true. How many times do you tell yourself, “I’ll do it next year” especially around the holidays. So much gets put off and thrown under the rug as it’s the time of year to celebrate and see your friends and family, wrap up loose ends of business and prepare for the coming year. But that just adds to extra stress in January and a sense of self-loathing  when you can’t keep those pesky resolutions.

So this December why not stop that vicious cycle and get some things DONE in December that you would normally put off until the new year. Get on the treadmill now, instead of waiting another month. Start your diet. Put down the cigarettes and clean out the liquor cabinet. Get your taxes ready NOW, instead of dreading it in January and Feb. Plan a vacation. Make a plan for getting out of debt and start now. You’ll be glad to be ahead of the game come January first and those resolutions won’t seem so far out of touch.

Are you planning on moving this next coming year? Have a house to get ready to sell? Are you loathing the repairs and high cost of listing with a realtor? Something else to think about. A cash sale for your property! Call us today and get an appointment soon so you can make a plan early this year.