sell my house fast PortlandPortland is a very hot city to live in (“dynamic yet mellow” – as described by Lonely Planet) but that doesn’t mean that every Portland home is easy to sell.

If your home is in bad condition or needs some serious repair work, you may need to get some addition help. If you’re saying “I need to sell my house Portland Oregon,” then you should turn to us. We’ll meet with you and work to get your property sold.


What We Do

Our business is buying properties that need a little bit of love and care. We’re happy to buy places that need major upgrades. We know that we’ll be able to fix them up later on.

If your house is in bad shape, we would be more than happy to take a look at it. There is a very good chance that we’ll be willing to make you an offer after anything is said and done.

 How This Works

Once you call use, we will set up an appointment to come look at your home. You could show us the house, or you could have someone else show us the house on your behalf.

From there, we’ll tour the home and assess it. We’ll figure out what it is worth now, and what kind of potential that it has. We’ll also be happy to answer your questions.

If we’re interested in the house, we’ll go ahead and make you a conditional offer. You can decide whether or not you want to accept it.

What You Can Expect

A lot of people assume that selling a house has to be hard. However, that isn’t actually true. If you work with us, every step of the home-selling process will be incredibly simple.

If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll help you take care of anything. You’ll be able to get your payment right away. You won’t have to waste your time waiting on realtors or banks. We’ll take care of everything, and we’ll get you your money as soon as possible. The process will be hassle free.

How You Can Learn More

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, give us a call as soon as you can. Tell us about your home and your situation! We have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, and we might be able to give you some useful advice.

You are under no obligation to sell your home to us. Meet with us and then decide what you want your next step to be. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll be able to get an offer on your home.

If you’ve been yelling “I need to sell my house Portland Oregon,” take a deep breath and relax.

There are companies like ours that will work to get your home sold. Before long, your house will be off of the market and you’ll have cash in your hand.

You’ll be able to get back to your life and stop worrying about your house.