Love at First Sight: The Importance of Staging.


Listing your home for sale can be one of the more stressful things we do in life. Knowing that perfect strangers will be poking around in our closets, bathrooms, bedrooms. It’s unnerving. Most of us would rather avoid that at all costs, but in most cases, this is how it’s done. We’re talking about staging your house for sale and the importance of doing it right to attract more serious buyers.

Imagine having a house full of family and friends for the holidays. You clean, you dust, you make sure there’s amazing smells wafting through the kitchen, you make sure everything is perfect, now quadruple that feeling of angst and stress when knowing your house has to be in that condition 24-7 when listed with a realtor.

Living your life with no error for messes or disarray can drive anyone crazy but staging is a very important part of the process. Someone is going to walk into your home and fall in love with your house, or be turned off by the clutter.

Experts will tell you that when you decide to sell, start packing away what’s not needed. In staging, less is more. You already know you want or need to move, so start packing now. Get rid of books, closets full of linens you won’t need. Savings, knick-knacks, etc. Look at your walls, fill in old holes from where you had hangings and keep it need and tidy. Again, less is more. The goal is to have someone walk into your home and notice the “space” and the “lighting” the woodwork, fireplace, structure…not your belongings.

And if you’re looking to put a vacant house on the market, seriously consider a professional staging company who will come in with their own furniture, decorate and then move it all back out again. It’s worth the small fee to make your vacant space that much more appealing to potential buyers.

We have a great relationship with such a staging company so contact us today for a referral to Portland Staging Company.