Summer House Remodels

Unsurprisingly, summer is a peak time for home improvement. Many of us use the opportunity to take care of all those projects that aren’t quite as feasible during other seasons. The weather is warm, we have more vacation time…and of course there’s the fact that we spend more outside, where our homes’ pressing needs are staring us right in the face. Thus, we dutifully construct our new decks, mend our fences, and landscape our yards. One very popular project homeowners naturally target during the summer is the installation of a new roof or siding. And why not? Both are functional and can significantly improve the look of a home. Yet, this particular type of home improvement can prove a bit problematic for several reasons.

Everyone else is doing it. Summer is the most common time of year to have a roof or siding installed, and many of us get the idea to do so during the spring. However, by the time we have done our due diligence – calling contractors, getting references, obtaining estimates, scheduling appointments – lo and behold, it’s summertime. By that time, contractors are overbooked and overwhelmed. For the customer, this translates into inconvenient scheduling options, higher prices, and possible project delays. Which can lead to…

Shoddy work and scams. The crush to hire roofing and siding contractors can bring out those whose work may not be up to par as well as scammers who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. Beware of contractors offering to do a job 20-30% below other estimates. While they may be legit, it’s wise to check around and scan the watchdog websites for complaints. Paying for poor craftsmanship – or no craftsmanship at all – can ruin a summer.

Hidden costs. When replacing roofing and siding, there are some potential hidden costs to consider. There may be damage hidden under the old siding which needs to be repaired before the new materials can be installed. This is time-consuming and cost into the thousands. This means that the customer needs to hire another company to haul the waste siding and bring to the requisite dumpsite for this type of waste. The contractor may also offer to do these for the homeowner, which of course will add to the cost. It is also important to be aware that most installers do not include warranty coverage for installation, so improperly installed siding can end up soaking a homeowner. Also, many communities require permits to have this type of work performed. These fees are typically not included in estimates.