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Why Your Inherited House Will Become a Rental Nightmare

It’s understandable that, having just inherited a house along with the financial and maintenance responsibilities, not to mention the emotions of losing a loved one, the new owner may wish to simply buy some time while sorting through the options. An owner may think that installing a tenant is the… Read More

4 Headaches of An Inherited House and Why You Want to Sell Fast

It may have been grandma’s house while she was alive, fragrant with the smell of baking cookies and enriched with the love she had for all her visiting children and grandchildren. But it’s been a month since she passed away and nothing has been done for the property while everyone… Read More

Why You Should Avoid Leaving Your Inherited House Vacant

You may wish you had some time before you must deal with all the issues of a house you’ve inherited, including maintenance and repairs. More time to decide about selling or leasing; time to work out questions about the will and the estate. But vacant houses rapidly become problems not… Read More

Top 5 Challenges When You Want to Sell Your Inherited House

While many types of inheritances are primarily beneficial – cash accounts; jewelry; other fully-paid-for assets –  a house may come with extra challenges to disposition, from tax liens to mortgages to general disrepair.    Want to sell? Be aware of these 5 challenges of selling an inherited house.  … Read More

Can I Sell an Inherited House That Came with a Mortgage?

So you inherited a house that you are not interested in keeping, but it does have a mortgage attached to it – what can you do?   Mortgages do not automatically pass into the name of the heir(s) – but they do require that payments continue to be made to… Read More