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What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a situation when homeowners are no longer able to pay for the mortgage that they agreed on. As an effect, the lender can seize properties, remove homeowners and residents, and sell their homes, following the program on which both sides agreed while creating the mortgage contract. 

Selling Your House for Cash
as a Way of Avoiding Foreclosure

Selling a house is usually a complicated and very expensive process. Real estate agents often charge homeowners thousands of dollars for their services. When homeowners are already struggling with mortgage payments, they might not want to add those costs.

A better solution for this situation is selling the house to a home investor for cash. This is a good form of foreclosure prevention that gives homeowners instant help with paying their mortgage. This way of handling your mortgage means that you have to give up your home.

However, this type of service allows homeowners to avoid other sad consequences connected with not paying off the mortgage. With a good mortgage assistance program, you might even walk away with some financial resources that can give you some relief and support you while starting your new life.

Even though dealing with your mortgage this way still means letting go of your home, it can help you to avoid financial consequences. You might even end the deal with some money to start over.

If you need assistance with dealing with foreclosure prevention, feel free to contact PDX Renovations. We are one of the best mortgage assistance agencies in Oregon. With us, you are going to feel quick relief, as we don’t charge any additional fees. With all our resources, we have helped a countless number of homeowners in Portland, Oregon with all legal sides of the procedure.

Who Can Help Me Avoid Foreclosure?

If you notice that you are going to have issues with paying for your housing mortgage, be sure to contact your lender as soon as possible. Let them know if your income is lower and you are going to have issues with payment. By doing this, your lender has time to prepare some programs that can bring you a bit of relief and allow you to keep your house. Sometimes homeowners in Oregon make the terrible mistake of waiting until they don’t have any financial resources instead of searching for assistance earlier. As an effect, foreclosure prevention might be not possible.avoiding foreclosure in Portland

Making Home Affordable (MHA) is one of the housing assistance programs that work in Oregon. It gives homeowners vast resources that they can use to keep their homes and get out of a situation safely. In this program, you can schedule free counseling.

Check with Portland’s housing agency if they have any program that supports homeowners. You can also discuss a special relief program because of COVID 19. If you are looking for an Oregon company that offers assistance and counseling regarding your mortgage, contact PDX Renovations LLC.

How Can I Stop Foreclosure in Oregon?

Reinstating the Loan

Thanks to Oregon law, you can reinstate your loan at any time, until five days before the sale. According to this resolution, there is a limit on the money that a legal expert can charge for the process or trustee fees. These rules protect the consumer.

Redeeming the Property Before the Sale

If you still have some resources, this solution might work well for you. To redeem, you are obliged to pay off the full amount of the loan before performing a foreclosure sale. According to Oregon’s laws, there is not a post-sale redemption period after a nonjudicial foreclosure.

However, according to legal documents, in Oregon, the trustee can rescind the foreclosure sale and void the deed. It has to be done within 10 days. Additionally, to make this work, the borrower and lender have to agree on a foreclosure avoidance measure.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Sometimes as a consumer you might need to file for bankruptcy. The best way to do it is to file for bankruptcy a day or a few days before the foreclosure. After you do it, according to Oregon’s laws, “automatic stay” goes into effect.

At least temporarily, you can stay at your home and your home lender cannot collect the debt. If you think that your income is going to allow you to get back your property in the future, this method can be a good solution for you. While deciding on this step, be sure to seek assistance.

How Can The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Help Me Avoid Foreclosure?

The HUD offers very low-cost or even free housing counseling in Oregon and other states.

Housing counselors can explain your legal situation to you and discuss how Oregon’s laws can work to your advantage. If you want to use this program and get free counseling in Oregon, call (800) 569-4287 or TTY (800) 877-8339.

How Can I Avoid Paying for Foreclosure?

Contact Oregon Housing and Community Services

Oregon Housing and Community Services operates in Oregon and has various programs whose goal is to offer affordable housing for all people who live in Oregon, even those with lower and moderate incomes.

They offer various services and assistance for everyone, no matter their status or income. If you’re searching for a resolution to your situation, call them. They also have a special program dedicated to people affected by COVID 19.

Give Up Your House In a Short Sale or Deed instead of Foreclosure

For some homeowners, the mentioned programs might not be suitable. In the situation they face, they might want to give up their house and move on. If you decide on this solution, be sure to search for the assistance of the company that offers this type of service in Oregon.

Work Out a Mortgage Modification

A “loan modification” is a form of agreement that the borrower and lender do to adjust the terms of a mortgage program. Usually, the consumer wants to have lower payment installments that would be suitable to their current income.

If you manage to create a good agreement program, your lender can set aside part of the debt and not accrue interest for this amount.

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