Do you buy in as-is condition?
Absolutely. We buy houses, land, office buildings, multi-family, and other property types in ANY condition. We’re happy to take on any headache that the property can potentially cause you, the seller. A lot of people don’t understand the meaning of “as is sale”. It’s exactly the way the property is when we walk through it and make you an offer. As long as you can leave it in this shape or better, we’re not going to ask you to come in and do any kind of fix-up on the property. “As is” for us is exactly the way it is right now if we were to sign a purchase contract today. You’d shut the door, walk out, and we’ll take care of everything- even the headaches that are associated with the house, right then and there.
If I sell you a property, what will happen?

See more on this page, but we simply look at the property and make you an offer. Then, we enter into an agreement. Once you have agreed to sell us your place we will send you a one-page timeline/outline on what you can expect and when to expect it, based on the normal 30-day closing schedule. If you need a quicker close, things are expedited. If you need a longer close, we can extend it out longer. The timing is up to you.

Really? The closing timeline is up to me?

Yes, for the most part. We’ve closed in as little as two (hectic) days, and as long as two years. We’re in it for the long haul, and we want to do what works for you.

Do you really pay cash?

Yes, we pay cash. We have our own (operational) cash, family money we’ve pooled together, and a variety of investors and hard money lenders nationwide with whom we work. We have as much cash as we need to do any kind of deals that we agree to do. We’re happy to show you Proof of Funds. In fact, we believe you should ask ALL buyers for this. For other questions, you should ask potential buyers. 

What's the amount of your offer based on?

First, we don’t mind saying that we’re a local family business, one that we can hopefully pass on to the next generation, so obviously we’re here to make some profit. Given that, our offer is based on what it takes to buy your property and then do improvements to get it to its very best condition for re-sale. Our investment model is this: we have to buy with our offer amount because we’ll put this money back into the house and then re-list the home for what we think we can sell it for when renovations are complete. When we start discussing price, we’re upfront about our best price offer, the estimated amount to fix it up, and what we’ll sell it for, potentially. Within that model, our goal is to offer you the fairest, best price possible.

What company do you use to close?

We close with the nation’s largest title company, Fidelity National Title CO. We’ve been closing with them for eight years at their local office on Sunnybooke Road in Clackamas, Oregon. So if you want, you can call and have them validate that we operate the way we say we do. They should know since they’ve closed hundreds of transactions for us in just the last 2 years alone.

I'm overwhelmed at the thought of moving or getting rid of all my things. Can you help me?

Yes. We’ll help you move. We’ll do things like bring shredders to your house to safely get rid of old financial records, buy (or help you sell) anything you don’t want to take with you… We’ll basically do anything humanly possible to make the selling process stress-free for you. We truly are here to help - Contact US

I am trying to avoid foreclosure - can you help me?

Yes. We have a lot of experience in helping people try to avoid foreclosures on their homes or properties – Read our article here for more information – Help Avoiding Foreclosure in Portland Oregon We will always try to help and give you the best advice we can.

Probate - I am going through or involved in it - can you help me?

Yes. Probate is nothing new to us – Read our article here for more information – Probate and Selling a House in Portland, Oregon – The Facts Laid Out We will always try to help and give you the best advice we can.

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