Owner / Principal / Visionary

joseph - PDX Renovations

Our principal, owner, and visionary- Joseph, has a passion for real estate for over 20+ years. From foreclosures to retail, new builds to land development, he has done well over 5000+ transactions since starting his career.

Joseph was born in Portland OR. and grew up in Vancouver WA, where he began his finance and real estate career at the age of 22.

In the early years, he was one of the largest foreclosure buyers at the courthouse steps, and this vast experience enabled him to learn to solve many title issues and real estate problems that are always occurring in current-day real estate. Joseph truly finds joy in helping others solve their real estate issues.

Joseph loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, traveling, and spending time with his wife and 2 girls on the Oregon Coast.



nikki - PDX Renovations

As the Integrator, Nikki is responsible for driving operational excellence and ensuring the efficient execution of business strategies. She has been recognized for her ability to drive continuous improvement and deliver results. She is a trusted leader who inspires the PDX team to achieve their full potential and excel. Following a career in commodity chemical production, she joined PDX Renovations to pursue her passion for real estate.

Nikki grew up in California and Southern Oregon. After earning her bachelor’s degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest with her family. She spends her free time with her two children and loves running, the outdoors, traveling, and cooking.


Executive Assistant

Photo - PDX Renovations

Andy, from Vancouver, WA, has extensive experience in medical billing and coding, as well as government data entry work. A passionate and dedicated professional, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and precision to their roles. Outside of work, Andy is a fervent soccer and hockey fanatic, dedicating much of their free time to following and engaging in these sports. This blend of professional expertise and personal enthusiasm defines Andy’s dynamic and well-rounded character.


Property Analyst

Pic Andrew Cutting - PDX Renovations

Andrew brings a decade of experience as a professional in the real estate valuation field as a market analyst and former appraisal assistant. Andrew combined his interest in real estate with his passion and background in mathematics and joined our team to expand his knowledge base to help sellers while doing what he enjoys doing; crunching numbers. 

Outside of work Andrew enjoys playing cards and boardgames with friends and family, hiking and reading a good book. 


Transaction Coordinator

Picture1 - PDX Renovations

Originally hailing from sunny California, Jackie made her way to the Pacific Northwest in 2008, drawn by its stunning landscapes and vibrant communities. With a background in the logistics industry, she brings a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving to her ventures in real estate and is an avid investor herself.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jackie finds true joy in spending quality time with her loving family. Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors with her two kids and husband, indulging her inner foodie with culinary adventures, or embarking on memorable road trips and travels, she cherishes every moment spent creating cherished memories.



logan - PDX Renovations

Logan has an entrepreneurial background where he made his start as a real estate investor on his own. He then decided to then join a team where he could gain knowledge and experience while enjoying the process with a company that has the reputation that PDX Renovations has.

Logan has always had a passion for real estate and outside of his work he furthers to better himself by learning more about the industry. His main priority is giving his clients the best outcome possible. When he is not working, he is focused on his health and fitness particularly powerlifting based training and enjoys cooking American, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese food.



gage - PDX Renovations

Gage has worked in many solution-based service industries for several years, before finding somewhere where he could truly provide unique solutions and with PDX Renovations he believes he has more than done that.  You can count on Gage to take the time to understand your individual situations and needs. 

When Gage isn’t working you can find him spending time with family, hiking, rock climbing, kickboxing or at mastering his Jiu Jitsu.  He also enjoys reading and furthering educating himself about the local Portland area real estate education.  



cody - PDX Renovations

Cody is Pacific Northwest born-and-bred who spent his growing up years picking fruit, playing sports, and exploring the great outdoors. He graduated from Oregon State University with his Bachelor of Science in Marketing. After college, he began career in retail store management and rose through the ranks. He developed a strong interest in real estate after purchasing his home and made the switch to our team here at PDX Renovations.

He is a hard-working and outgoing person who loves providing creative and individualized solutions for clients looking to sell their homes. In his off time, Cody can be found staying active, traveling to new places, or crafting the perfect burger.



Matt - PDX Renovations

Matthew, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, is a driven individual. He graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors in Digital Technology and Culture, along with earning a Social Media Certificate. Initially starting his career as a Technical Recruiter in sales, he eventually transitioned into the real estate industry with PDX Renovations.

 Matthew is known for his unwavering commitment and dedication in all his endeavors. When he’s not working, he enjoys staying active through workouts and basketball. He cherishes spending quality time with his loved ones, exploring different culinary experiences, listening to music, binge-watching shows, and continuously expanding his knowledge to become the best real estate investor he can be.



RJ Photo - PDX Renovations

RJ, a California native, has spent nearly 30 years working with people in various industries. One of which was wholesale and retail real estate lending. Since 2012, he has focused on home improvement HVAC and energy efficiency improvements. Known for his expertise and dedication, RJ enjoys helping people solve problems by providing simple solutions.

Outside of work, he’s a devoted husband and father of four boys. He stays balanced by staying active, reading, learning new things, and cooking healthy meals. RJ is passionate about empowering others to reach their goals.

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