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1. Assess the Value

The first step in deciding what to do with the property is gaining an understanding of the house’s worth. There are a number of free online sites where you can get some ballpark estimates that, while they won’t be that exacting for a single piece of property, will at least get you started.  Sites like Zillow.com, Trulia.com and Realestate.com all include property value estimators. Simply enter the property address to see an estimated selling price.

2. Get a Professional Appraisal

If you’ve done your homework outlined in the first step, then you have a fairly good sense of the property’s worth. To get a more accurate picture, a professional appraisal will yield a comprehensive report specific to the house that will give you a better idea of its market value.

3. Analyze Potential Options

Armed with a good sense of the home selling worth and a better understanding of the local area, its time to crunch some numbers. This step, too frequently overlooked, can be critical to helping you understand the best course of action. Take a hard look at your option from the following perspectives.

a) Rental options. Make sure you factor in all the costs associated with renting. These will include your costs of repair and renovation, marketing, property taxes, ongoing maintenance, projected income loss when vacant, conditions that may impact the market value, etc. These factors are very important to understanding your cash flow needs as a landlord and whether or not renting is a good financial decision.

b) List it with a realtor. Selling can certainly help you avoid ongoing issues and potential headaches associated with being a landlord, but it still may require some upfront hard-dollar investment to get the property in market-ready condition. Evaluate not only these costs, but also the time the house won’t be on the market and whether market conditions point to rising or declining value. Time is money and timing is everything. Factor in the fact that selling through a realtor doesn’t come without costs. Consider commissions and other fees that will take a bite out of your profits when you sell the house.

c. Sell the house for cash. A hassle-free option that can be done fast, selling the house for cash, can eliminate the need to spend any out-of-pocket money, commissions and fees. You can sell the house in “as is” condition cleanly and quickly, pocket the profits and be on your way.

To determine the best course of action with an extra house, do your homework, understand the value and the costs and profits involved with each option.

How do you evaluate options when it comes to real estate?

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