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Death touches all at one time or another and the older we get, the more it seems to touch our lives. Loved ones growing older and passing on is just a part of life and it’s usually unexpected. What’s even more unexpected is how completely unprepared we all are for the event. Even though we are taught at a young age all about life and death and everything in between, we still forget (or put off) making those important decisions. How often do you think about it? When to make a will, when to talk to loved ones about your wishes. Well, the sooner the better. Statistics show that most Americans don’t have a will. Most people think only “Rich people” need wills. Well, the majority of Americans don’t fit into the “Rich” Category, but you still need to be prepared, especially if you own a home, have children or investments.

Who wants to talk about death? No one. No one sits around one day and decides it’s time to get things in order. Mostly, we think of death when someone close to us passes and it’s a constant reminder that it can happen anytime. The best way to be prepared (although no one is truly prepared, are they) is to get things on paper. You don’t have to have a fancy attorney or estate planner even, but it’s always a good idea to get your ideas and plans on paper and tell a loved one. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but one that it’s for sure in life. Death and Taxes! Don’t let your loved ones have to deal with your unfinished business. Let them know where your bank statements are, your important papers, directives for your health care if you have one. Credit cards, taxes, etc. Get your death file together and it will help you breathe a little better for the future knowing that everyone will be taken care of. It’s not pleasant and it’s easy to put off until tomorrow, but it’s a very important responsibility that we all have.

There are plenty of online resources for you and online forms, guides, etc to get your will started and your plans for a smoother departure from this earth will make the transition easier for your loved ones. They are already going to lose you someday, don’t let them lose their  homes or anything else as well. Make it easier on them by telling them what you want before it’s too late.

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” Ben Franklin

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