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Selling your home fast can sometimes make you a target for scammers. Scams can take a lot of forms and be pulled by a variety of people. There is no way to protect yourself from every scam artist out there, but here are a few good rules to follow while working to sell your home fast:

1)    If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Trying to sell your home fast can sometimes feel like a desperate move and that can make you feel vulnerable. However, if a deal is not a scam you’ll feel good about it. It won’t seem too good to be true. It will simply be good.

2)    Contractor scams. A lot of scams are pulled off by contractors. Most contractors are reputable tradesmen—like our contractors—but some of them are not. Be wary and be wise. Look for a Better Business Bureau rating and make sure whoever you work with has a physical address, not just a website.

3)    Mortgage scams. A big part of the housing bubble was related to the fact that many lenders engaged in shady lending practices. Of course, it wasn’t lenders who ended up paying the final bill; it was homeowners. Be aware of how much you can really afford and avoid any lenders who want you to go above that.

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