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In the most recent reports on the economy there has been some great news: some areas of the country are experiencing a pick-up in the housing and construction markets. For instance, in Denver houses are typically only on the market for a few days before getting put under contract.  This is great news. However, this isn’t true for all areas of the country. Many, many areas are still experiencing slow real estate markets. But, no matter what the state of the economy, YOU can still sell a house quickly. There are three secrets to the trade:

1)    To sell a house quickly you need to make the right upgrades. Not just any upgrade will help you sell a home. Make sure the bathrooms and kitchens have been economically updated and all the walls have been painted.

2)    To sell a house quickly you need to price it competitively. Remember to price your property high enough to leave you lots of bargaining room and to make a profit, but not so high that you scare away potential buyers.

3)    To sell a house quickly you need to market it aggressively. Listing a house on the MLS or Zillow isn’t enough. Make sure you’re writing attention-grabbing promotional materials and working your contacts.

You can sell a home quickly, even in slow markets—as long as you know how!

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