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Social media is all the rage these days, but did you know that it can used for more than just keeping up with old college roommates and distant cousins? Social media can actually help you sell your house. In fact, it can be the key to selling your house fast.

How can you use social media to sell your house fast?

1)    Post your listing. Some people are skittish about posting personal information online, but when you are selling a house your address isn’t just personal information—it’s advertising! If you aren’t comfortable posting it under your own name, make sure your realtor does. And don’t forget to post it often.

2)    Pictures are worth a 1,000 characters. Wherever you decide to post your listing, make sure you include pictures and lots of them. The pictures will say more than anything you could post.

3)    Think about home-tour videos.  A home tour video is a great way to showcase your house, but make sure it looks professional.  Most of these videos don’t even need sound, just some moving shots around the house or a slide show of pictures can do the trick. A video posting may be the thing that sells your house fast.

When you think about selling your house fast, think about social media. Be creative and think about how you can use your connections to move your property quickly!

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