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When someone goes to sell a home, there are a few key things they should do. In previous posts, we’ve discussed things like making sure the listing states whether the property is multi- or single-family, how much it costs and the listing price. But how do you find the property you’re looking for?


In this post we’ll share with you some tips on finding multi-family properties near you!


  1. Use popular search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo – whichever search engine you use will be instrumental in finding multi-family homes in your area. Do a quick search online. Type in something like “Multi-Family homes near Portland, OR” or even utilize your zip code.
  2. Check the local ads. When someone goes to sell a home or multi-family property, they may list it in a local newspaper or e-newspaper. Check into your local ads.
  3. Call an agent. If you’re having a hard time finding the multi-family home you’re looking for, call a local real-estate agent.  They’ll know what’s available in the area and listed on the local MLS.


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