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If you look at these stories shared by homeowners trying to sell their home in Portland, you will find that things are not as easy as it seems.

Selling your house quickly is a challenge, especially at the right price.

If you are also looking to sell your property in Portland, here are a few tips to help you sell home Portland at the right price.

Price It Right

One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners wanting to sell their property quickly is that

they do not take the market into account and try to maximize gains by listing it at a far higher price than the market is willing to accept.

However, it does not mean that you will always get the price you want.

The best way to go about pricing your house is to check the current value of homes similar to your homes and in your neighborhood.

In case you are unable to decide on a price, you can always use the services of a home valuation service in order to get an idea of the value of your home.

An experienced real estate agent can also help you get the right valuation for your home. There is no absolute truth when it comes to prices in the real estate market.

Prices are dictated by the trends, location, neighborhood, state of the economy, and a variety of other factors.

Cost of Selling

Many owners fail to take the cost of selling into account when pricing their homes. Selling a house is challenging, but you also have to account for several costs.

You’re not going to get the full price paid by the buyer.

First, you need to account for the commission fees charged by the real estate agent in case you choose to sell it through a real estate agent.

You also need to account for closing costs. You might have to spend money on repairs, staging, and other such things by the real estate agent. Don’t forget the taxman.

Explore Other Options

Check the local websites to find the average time it takes to sell a property in your particular location.

While properties in some locations sell quickly, certain locations take a lot longer to find buyers.

You need to be prepared for a situation where you are unable to find a buyer for your home, even when listed through an experienced real estate agency.

Sell Home Portland

One of the options available to you is to sell it to a cash home buyer.

There are several such buyers but PDX Renovations is the only cash home buyer Portland Metro area to have been accredited A+ rating by BBB.

PDX Renovations has been in this business for more than 10 years, and we have bought more than 1500 properties in the last 10 years.

We are completely transparent and do not require homeowners to spend any money on their homes.

We buy houses in as-is condition, and you do not need to worry about any costs as we will take care of closing costs, and there are no commission fees to pay.

You also have the flexibility of choosing your own closing date ranging from two days to 2 years or even more.


Here at PDX Renovations, we believe in helping homeowners get fair value for their property quickly.

We have been rated A+ by BBB since 2010 and have closed more than 1500 deals in the last decade.

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