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Summer’s Coming. Now’s the Time to Sell. Why?

Whoever coined the phrase “Timing is everything” may well have been referring to real estate. Deciding when to sell your home is of crucial importance. With summer soon to be upon us, there are several factors that make the season an ideal not only to sell your home quickly, but to maximize your profit. In this post, we will examine a few of these factors.

Kids and School

Changing schools is a major transition for children, especially in the midst of a school year. As a result, many parents prefer to move during the summer months to allow children time to adjust to a new setting before the school year begins.

Low Inventory in Local Markets

The inventory of homes for sale in your locale is crucial when deciding to sell, and inventory in many markets has been low. Lack of inventory can spark a rapid price growth. Low inventory can translate into more competing bids for your home, meaning you can negotiate better terms of sale.

Longer Daylight Hours

This one’s a no-brainer. Summer features more daylight hours than any another season, meaning your home is more visible to those on the street.  Potential buyers also have more opportunities to tour your home.


A home is usually at its most beautiful during the summer. Gardens are in bloom, the grass is green, and all of those spring improvements owners have made frame a house in its best light. Furthermore, neighborhoods bustle with activity during the summer, creating a welcoming atmosphere for homebuyers. Or, put another way, during the summer potential buyers are less apt to be preoccupied with thoughts of having to rake leaves or shoveling a driveway.

What are some other factors that make summer a great time to sell a home? 

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