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We Buy Houses Portland

Tired of dealing with shady real estate agents,
odd buyers, and a troubling market? – We Buy Houses Portland

Too many property owners get trapped in a vicious cycle of showings, rejections, and utter dismay as their property remains unsold.

Instead of dealing with this harrowing experience, our team at PDX Renovations is ready to provide the offer of a lifetime.

We buy houses all across Portland that homeowners are ready to sell and we do it at a great price!

Cash Deals

By choosing us, property owners can feel safe knowing the offer is going to be cash-only.

This ensures no one has to deal with brokers and/or similar financial institutions while progressing towards a completed sale!

Instead, sellers can feel confident as the sale goes through with cash in their hands.

All of our deals are made with this principle in mind and it’s something we are proud of at PDX Renovations.

Selling a house has never been easier than it is now in Portland!

Competitive Offers

We buy houses Portland has to offer and this has to do with our elite estimates.

We make sure to offer deals that are not only competitive but almost impossible to decline because they’re that good!

Our representatives take the time to assess established rates on the open market before coming up with an offer.

This ensures the offer is competitive, fair, and often the best possible option moving forward.

Forget about dealing with the perils of an open market when all it takes is a quick discussion with PDX Renovations to get things underway in a timely manner.

Customized Closings

When it is time to seal the deal and move forward with the closing, it is always recommended to allow us to handle everything.

We have years of expertise in closing deals and will ensure everything is set up around the seller’s schedule.

For example, if the seller is looking to get things done within a week, we are able to make it happen without a problem.

This is the charm of calling PDX Renovations instead of putting up a listing and hoping someone comes to a showing. Customized closing with great offers is what everyone should aim for.

Local Company

What makes us such a fascinating option for sellers in Portland? We have been around for a long time and are remain a local team with Portland roots.

In our eyes, we are helping our neighbors in getting the deal of a lifetime without lifting a finger. Yes, we take care of it all and that is how we stand out among all other options.

All it takes is a quick call to our office and we will begin the process in seconds. This is the beauty of choosing a local team that has your best interests in mind from day one.

To sell your house to PDX Renovations, please contact our representatives at (503) 560-6620. We will be more than happy to assist and begin to consultation phase before coming up with a legitimate offer.



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