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PDX Renovations is Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ’s premiere source for real estate solutions. For the past two decades, we’ve been helping property owners sell homes fast in the Portland area, while improving neighborhoods through high-quality renovations. Find out how we can help you, no matter how complicated your situation may be.

We buy houses Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking to sell a house fast in Portland, then you’ve come to the right place.

PDX Renovations has been serving the Portland community for over 20 years.

That’s 20 plus years of homeowners that we have been satisfying and each week the list of happy sellers keeps growing. So no matter what condition your home is in, we’re interested in doing business with you.

We’ve worked with people from all walks of life in just about any situation imaginable.

Renovation and Repairs Make No Difference

If you have repairs or maintenance that you believe you need to get done before even thinking about selling your home, think again. We know it can become a daunting task.

Often times, people will put themselves through all sorts of hassles trying to renovate their homes and, simply from lacking the knowledge and experience, cause themselves more headache than it’s worth.

If you’re renovating your house just to sell it, your heart won’t truly be in it.

It becomes stressful and sometimes can feel as though it’s eating away at your sanity. People who have never gone through a home renovation will believe that it’s fun and enjoyable, but as the vast majority of home renovators will attest to – it is not, especially not,  if you’re living in it during the time.

It can become an all consuming extension of your life. We’ve simply lost count of all the homeowners that told us they how relieved they were that they didn’t put themselves through that type of procedure.

Location! Location! Location!… Not really

Have you found yourself in a troublesome neighborhood that makes it nearly impossible to attract potential buyers?

Don’t even worry about that because it doesn’t slow us down.

If you’re looking to sell house fast Portland, we’re looking to buy it. We’ve all seen the houses that stick out like sore thumbs. Every house is freshly painted, bushes trimmed, trees growing in nicely uniformed rows; right up until you get that one house that just looks a little aged and haggard.

If that’s your house, don’t be ashamed.

One of the many things we’re fond of doing, after all, is improving neighbourhoods. It just so happens to be something we are very skilled at, as well. When you sell to us, you’ll know that the house that was once an eyesore is going to be the pinnacle of the neighborhood.

Tough Times Fall Upon Us All

Life is known to throw a curveball when least expected and sometimes you need money fast. If you find that selling your house in Portland is your only option, we are here to help. We have dealt with homeowners in all walks of life and we understand the burden and stress that can come from life’s unexpected obstacles.

So regardless of whether you’re trying to avoid a foreclosure, behind on your mortgage, relocating, going through a family emergency, or just plain sick of your monthly expenses – we have your back. Just say the magic words, “sell my house fast Portland.”

Our Track Record Speaks For Itself

As a homeowner looking to sell, we know you have plenty of options. You can attempt to sell it yourself or go through conventional real estate methods. However, if you’re short on time, is that something you’d be willing to risk?

The truth of the matter is that there is no guarantee with going those routes. It could be many months (6 to 12 months on average) before an interested buyer even appears and even at that point, there could be a long wait for paperwork to be drawn up and loan approvals to come. Think about that. Up to a year with still no guarantee!

All the while you wait, the more expensive it becomes.

Fees build-up and stress sets in.

What happens then?

Do you end up listing your price so low that it begins to seem as though it’s not even worth it?

You have possibly thought of renting it out. That will likely lead to more headaches. Even if you manage to get good tenants, most of the expenses still land on your head and can quickly become an even more complicated situation than it was originally.

Instead of all that, take a look at our reputation. We can set up a deal and get you the money that you deserve in as short as a week.

We can come to a deal no matter what situation you’re in. We know that you’ll be happy you went with us instead of taking the traditional real estate route.

We have an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau and, on top of that, a very long list of positive testimonials by our previous customers, feel free to check them out and find out for yourself; we are proven to be one of the best house buying companies Portland has available.

We are a company you can trust.

Just say the words “SELL MY PORTLAND HOUSE FAST” and we will take care of the rest.

We don’t charge fees or commissions.