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Sell Your Portland OR Vacant Lot For Cash Now!

Do you currently own any of the following:

  • Vacant Lot
  • Infill Lot
  • Residential Vacant Land
  • Residential Vacant Lot
  • Spare House Plot
  • Vacant House Plot
  • Residential Lot
  • Vacant Land

If you have any of the above in Portland, Oregon, PDX Renovations could be your cash-buying solution for this type of land.

sell a vacant lot in portland oregon like this one

Selling Residential Vacant Land In Portland Is Easy!

We are just one phone call away or just a short form filled. Let us know where the land is, and we will give you a cash offer within 48 hours.

All types of land considered. All sizes of land considered.

Benefits of Selling Your Vacant Lot or Residential Plot

Selling land in Portland can have its benefits.

The financial gains can be good given Portland’s buoyant real estate market.

With the market demand on the increase, sellers have the upper hand in negotiations.

Moreover, selling gives owners more flexibility, freeing them from the responsibilities of being a land owner. 

sell vacant land or plot in Portland like this one

Challenges in Selling Vacant Land or Residential Land

Owning land can come with its own problems.

The legal complexities involved can be quite full on. Planning permissions also add to the confusion and can increase the challenges.

Why Choose PDX Renovations To Buy Your Land?

Enter PDX Renovations.

They stand out as a beacon for potential sellers with a rich company background and a reputation for fair dealings.

One of the primary benefits of selling to PDX Renovations is our cash-buying option.

It simplifies the process, making it swift and hassle-free.

The Cash Buying Process For Residential Vacant Land

So, how does this cash transaction work?

We evaluate the land or lot, quote a price, and, if agreed upon, seal the deal with cash.

This method eliminates the need for lengthy bank procedures and credit checks.

Plus, cash transactions offer many advantages: quicker sales, no hidden fees, and immediate cash in hand.

selling a spare house land plot portland like this one


If you have any type of vacant land or residential plot in Portland, Oregon, please contact us here at PDX Renovations.

We can make the whole land-buying process very easy. You tell us where the land is, and we will have a look and make you a fair, all-cash offer.

If our offer is accepted, we can usually complete in 7 days if required. It really is as simple as that!

sell a vacant plot Portland Oregon - PDX Renovations
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