Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thankful Giving

Thankful Giving   Most people would agree that they are most thankful for these top three things. Good health, Family and a roof over their head. Being thankful for everything in your life is a great way to start each day. Just the fact that you get to wake up… Read More

Renovation Estimates

Renovation Estimates   Just like anything else in life, unless you are educated and knowledgeable in specific areas, you truly don’t know everything. And subsequently, sometimes you don’t really know the true cost of things. For example getting your car’s brakes done. Do you know how much the mark-up on… Read More

Time Change Blues

Time Change Blues …what does it do to you?   Most people would agree that once the time changes and we start seeing darkness fall earlier, we get more lethargic. Our work suffers. Sometimes it causes physical problems and can affect mood and depression as well. We want to hibernate… Read More