Monthly Archives: October 2016

Inherited Home?

Inherited home?   Life is fragile and the older we get the more we are reminded that everyone dies. Our loved ones, our parents, siblings. It’s a natural part of life and even after a loved one passes on, there is so much to wrap up and it’s a difficult… Read More

Tricky Tenants

Tricky Tenants   Landlords Beware   Evictions can be a tricky task. You may have tricky tenants. Not all renters abide by the laws or pay on time or keep a tidy home. Being a landlord is not something that is as easy as it sounds and if you recently… Read More

Remodeling True Costs

  Remodeling True Costs Estimates: Contractors and how much do they really charge?   Just like anything else in life, unless you are educated and knowledgeable in specific areas, you truly don’t know everything. And subsequently, sometimes you don’t really know the true cost of things. For example getting your… Read More