trustworthy and super professional!

I’ve worked with PDX renovations and have seen the quality of work that they do. They are trustworthy and super professional and I highly recommend their services.

See the real live five star review on our facebook page: (click here)

Haim Mamane- Portland Or- 2017

I Highly recommend PDX Renovations

In 2013 I had money I wanted to invest after selling one of my rental properties. I made calls answering ads for “cash buyers” and found Joe with PDX Renovations.

On meeting with him and his associate, I learned he had been doing this for 20 years. and at the time was renovating 10-20 houses each month. I asked to see some of the properties he was currently working on and some he had completed and sold. I was impressed with quality of his work – just as good as any HGTV fixer-upper results!

I have been dealing with Joe since then and found him to be a man of integrity… he does what he promises to do. Not all things can be under his control, but he certainly tries to do his best.

To make a long story short, I give him use of my money – he pays me above normal interest rates – and when the property is sold, I promptly get my investment back so we can go at it again with another property. I highly recommend you consider him when you need to remodel, sell or buy a piece of property! If he can’t do it, he can give you references or some trustworthy advice on what to do.

I have since recommended him to others who wanted to make a better return on their money. They have repeatedly invested with him as well.

See the real live five star review on our facebook page: (click here)

Patricia Barnes- Portland Oregon, January 2017

Nothing but a 5 star review!!!

Nothing but a 5 star review!!!

See the real live five star review on our facebook page: (click here)

Ginger Taylor Huffman- Portland Oregon, January 2017

Nothing but a 5 star review!!!

Nothing but a 5 star review!!!

See the real live five star review on our facebook page: (click here)

Amy Diebel Franzen- Portland Or- February 2017

Promised to close in 2 weeks

Promised to close in 2 weeks and they made it happen, even despite the ice storm. Easy to work with.

See the real live five star review on our facebook page: (click here) 

Paula Nishida, Portland Oregon- January 2017

We wanted to sell our house quickly!

We were getting ready to relocate out of state and wanted to sell our house quickly. They offered us a fair price, did all of the legwork and we were able to complete the transaction in two day. This included the period of time when there was the ice storm in Portland. Wayne did not allow this to slow down the process and showed up despite the adverse conditions.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here) 

Kerry Newman, Portland Oregon- January 2017

We had a great experience with PDX,

We had a great experience with PDX, Joe especially! They went above our expectations and we were so pleased! Everyone we spoke with was very friendly and made sure we were taken care of, in spite of a few “hiccups”. Joe made a stressful situation for us quick and painless. We now consider him our friend 🙂 We would definitely recommend their services to others!! Thank you Joe and everyone at PDX! Warm wishes- The Larkins

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here)


William Larkin, Vancouver Wa.- February 2017

PDX is amazing at what they do!

PDX is amazing at what they do! My mom needed to sell her house and they offered a fair price on the property. They’re extremely easy to work with and luckily we felt comfortable thru the whole process. I would definitely recommend them to friends/family.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here) 

Brianna Williams- Portland Or.- March 2017

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! I inherited a home that had been neglected for years and had no idea what to do with it. I was unable to sell it on the market, I thought it was actually a tear down. PDX renovations gave me a fair offer and closed on the house quickly. They were even able to remodel the house without tearing it down. Great company.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here) 


Scott Oats- Portland Or- March 2017

My experience was excellent!

My experience was excellent! I was stressed due to packing etc. This company made things so much easier and offered any help I needed. I was also able to leave stuff in the house that I did not want. It was an big relief. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to sell their home.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here) 

Toni Stowe- Vancouver Wa.- April 2017

I have a huge amount of respect for PDX Renovations

I have a huge amount of respect for PDX Renovations. They are a top quality company and have helped many people like myself out of real tough situations. I would recommend them to anyone and give them a 5-Star review. They’ll do what they say they’re going to do and are incredibly quick and efficient.

See the real live five star review on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PdxRenovations/reviews

-Nathan Price, Washington-August, 2016

We are very pleased with the transaction recently closed with PDX Renovations.

We are very pleased with the transaction recently closed with PDX Renovations. They delivered what they promised and met all conditions of the contract in an efficient manner and with good communication and courteous consideration of our needs. We would gladly recommend them to anyone wishing to sell property without long and drawn out processes and procedures.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Roger & Linda Loven, Portland Oregon- October 2016

PDX Renovations recommended to sell it through a realtor,But…

We phoned Pdx Renovations as I retired faster than I thought I could and my wife’s job transfer was approved in one day. We owned a home in another state already and we’re looking to quickly get out of our primary residence. Joey called us back quickly and offered us a price for cash, but recommended to sell it through a realtor as we would make more money than he could offer. A day or so went by, we decided although we would not make as much money as we could that we would accept Joey’s offer. We appreciated his honesty and the ease of the sale. I highly recommend this company. See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Jim Peninger-Vancouver Washington- October, 2016

Very easy to work with this company.

Very easy to work with this company. Awesome, seamless transaction. Would work with them again. See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Bill Biggs-Portland Oregon- September, 2016

Very professional, organized and respectful of my sister’s need to sell at the best price!

In anticipation of the needed sale of my sister’s home in North Portland she had been collecting all marketing materials that had been sent from approximately eighteen different property investors.  After researching we ended up contacting only two prospective companies mostly based on their rating with the Better Business Bureau. One of which was PDX and the other Phoenix Redevelopement. She spoke with both companies on the phone and did not have a pleasant experience at all with Phoenix and we took them right off the list even though she had a verbal offer from them.   Joey from PDX set up an appointment for us to meet him at the property. He was very professional, organized and respectful of my sister’s need to sell at the best price. The house had not been lived in full time for several years and needed quite a bit of work to repair and update. We had a written offer from Joey that same afternoon! Joey was there every step of the way and made sure the process moved as fast as possible. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical with this type of sale but I have to say I would recommend PDX Renovations and Joey in particular to anyone looking for an all cash, quick close sale that also included removing anything that you do not want from the property. See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Joan Forbish-Portland Oregon- June 2016

What a great group to work with!

What a great group to work with! They went over the top to make this very stressful time livable. Constantly checking in with me to make sure I was okay. I worked with Joey and what a great guy. Treated me with up most respect and felt like he really cared about my families challenging time. Highly recommend!!!!!

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Sabrina Towner- Portland Oregon-May 2016

Recently sold my mother’s house to PDX Renovations

Recently sold my mother’s house to PDX Renovations. The procedure was quick and painless. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a fast cash sale of their residential property. See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 


Jerry Jensen- Portland Oregon-April, 2016

PDX made the sale process very easy for me. They were kind and considerate.

Everyone made the sale very easy for me.- They were kind and considerate. When I needed extra cash for my move, they released some Earnest Money early. I am recommending PDX to my friends. PDX Renovations was very pleasant and sensitive to my circumstances. They answered all my questions and explained the process clearly. PDX delivered on all it’s promises. I was impressed with their services and their commitment to helping me. PDX made everything easy for me. I would highly recommend to anyone needing to sell!!!

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

_-Ernest Smith, Portland Oregon- March, 2016

We are wondered if selling it for cash would be a simpler option than listing it.

“We’re planning to sell my mother’s home in Portland. We are wondered if selling it for cash would be a simpler option than listing it. We contacted PDX Renovations and were able to schedule an appointment for the next day. Joey came to the house and he couldn’t have been more professional or nicer. He provided comps, explained the sales process, and left a copy of their contract for us to review. There was no pressure at all. We’re still deciding if this is the best option for us, but either way, we’re more informed now. I’m very glad we called PDX Renovations.”

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

– Judie Brodeur- Lake Oswego, February 2016

PDX Renovations bought a home from me that needed a great deal of work.

PDX Renovations bought a home from me that needed a great deal of work. I did not have the time, energy or money to deal with it. They gave me a fair price and closed in a very short time. They followed through with everything they said they would do and stayed in close touch with me throughout the process. Thanks PDX for taking way my headache.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Allison Young, Portland Oregon- April 2016

“PDX Renovations provided outstanding customer service throughout the process.”

Due to unforeseen family circumstances, PDX Renovations were very flexible with the closing date. The process was relatively easy and I would highly recommend taking advantage of their services. I would highly recommend them to family and friends.

See the real live testimonial on the Better Business Bureau website at: (click here to view) 

Carrie Loewen, Portland, Oregon Jan 2016

PDX Renovations bought a home from me that needed a great deal of work. I did not have the time, energy or money to deal with it. They gave me a fair price and closed in a very short time. They followed through with everything they said they would do and stayed in close touch with me throughout the process. Thanks PDX for taking way my headache.

See the real testimonial on the Better Business Bureau Website: (click here to visit) 

Amy Young- Portland, Oregon February 2016

Thanks PDX regarding the sale of our mother’s condo at 2455 SE Lake Road in Milwaukie. You guys set us on the right track. Ernest was so friendly, nice and helpful to us. He was very upfront and explained in a very straight forward manner what he could do for us. If it would have worked out for us price wise we would have been very happy to work with PDX Renovations. As it turned out, it was necessary for us to work with a real estate broker to sell the condo. Ernest spent a lot of time with us and gave us a great recommendation for a real estate broker and Within 2 weeks, the condo was sold. Thanks PDX

Leslie and Larry Walsh- Milwaukie Or- January 2016

Working with PDX Renovations and Joey was a breeze. They were honest and straight forward during the selling/buying process. No surprises during any of our transaction. I would recommend Joey and PDX Renovations to anyone who needed to sell a property quickly and hassle free.

Lori Avis DC- Portland Oregon August 2015

Our experience with PDX Renovations was great from start to finish. We were able to close sooner than expected, and then when we needed additional time to move everything out, they were gracious in giving us several days after closing to make that happen. I would recommend PDX Renovations without any reservations!

Joyce Walsh- Portland Oregon July 2015

My mother had a piece of property that she no longer could take care of. I was in the process of preparing the property to put on the market when we received a letter from PDX Renovations expressing an interest in the property.  I called and scheduled a time for someone to come out to the house to look at the property.  The gentleman arrived on time and was very knowledgeable about the market.  As I showed the property I was upfront in how the much the house was in disrepair. Earnest was very understanding.  As we concluded the walk through Earnest was willing to write an offer on the spot. We came to an acceptable offer standing in the driveway.  PDX Renovation moved quickly to close the transaction with all parties happy at closing. I would recommend PDX to any person wanting to sell their property. Thanks Again (click here to see the real testimonial on the better business bureaus website)

Bill Billingsley, Milwaukie Oregon- May 2015

From start to finish, a great experience. Very quick, stress and Error free process. I Would recommend this company to anyone who is overwhelmed with the repairs needed on their home and are looking to become free of the burden. Thank you pdx renovations.

Nick Praegitzer, Milwaukie Oregon- May 2015

The best decision I made was to call PDX Renovations. Even though they couldn’t help me, they referred me to an expert realtor (Todd) who assisted me in selling a rental home. I would highly recommend them.

Candy Graham- Milwaukie Oregon- May 2015

I was very pleased with their quick response to my inquiry about selling my home,the contact person (Ernest) was completely understanding and compassionate about why I had to sell quickly. They offered a more than fair price and let me set the closing date. Ernest was in contact often both to see how I was doing and in keeping me updated to the plans. I would gladly recommend PDX Renovations to any of my friends or to anyone I work with that wants or needs to sell a house. thank you

Mary Senter- Portland Oregon, May 2015

Having completed our home sale with PDX Renovations.  We are pleased to share our experience:

After 20 years of enjoying and caring for one of Eastmoreland’s loveliest double lots, we decided that we were ready for something smaller and began the process of selling when we were contacted by a developer, Joseph Taylor at PDX Renovation.  Our first question was whether he would tear down the house or split the lot.  He replied that he had never demolished a home, and directed us to his web site containing many vintage Portland homes which had been tastefully updated with respect to the character and originality of the home.  Satisfied, we invited Joseph to the house so he could gather information to prepare an offer.  Since we had already begun the process of selling, we had an established market value in mind based on a range of prices given to us, as well as our own having lived in Eastmoreland for 20 years, and being mindful of the fact that the house was in need of some expensive repairs.  Tallying up those costs plus selling commissions, staging, business time lost and the inconvenience of showing the home for an uncertain amount of time made the idea of a quick sale especially attractive.  A few days later, we received a very respectful offer which met our expectations, and allowed us ample time to find the ideal home we were looking for.  Every step throughout the process was seamless, and we used several of Joseph’s referrals for home inspection and moving and had an excellent experience with all of them. Thank you, Joseph and PDX Renovations for making this major transition in our lives so trouble-free.

Dale & Linda Headrick – Portland Oregon, May 2015

My wife and I found the experience with PDX Renovations to be very positive indeed. Joe was very professional and accommodating of our timing needs. The entire process went very smoothly with no surprises.

Michael O’Connell & Te-Yu-Ruth Chang Portland Oregon, May 2015

We can’t talk enough about our experience with pdx. We were scared about how difficult it was going to be to sell our house, lots of work needed to be done. But Ernest and the PDX crew made it painless. They negotiated a fair amount for the home and broke it down so we could understand exactly where they got the number. Ernest was personable and helpful with every aspect of the sale, in fact once it all went through we both looked at each other and said “Wow that was fast and painless!” Couldn’t thank you guys enough!!

Click here to see the real testimonial on the Better Business Bureau Website

Jenny Galbraith- Portland Oregon, April 14th 2015

My husband and I needed to sell our home quickly. We both wanted a company who would remodel our Queen Anne style home (which it needed updating badly) that was built in 1904. I called Joe and he was able to come out that same night and look at the property. Due to a new house my husband and I were looking at that was on the market, Joe gave us a good and fair price for our house. We were able to put down an offer on the new house that same weekend. In the end I know that Joe and PDX Renovations will make our older home a showplace for another family to come in and possibility have more generations live in it. I would recommend Joe and PDX Renovations to anyone who wants to sell their home no matter what condition it is in. They will do everything to help you and answer any questions you have. Thank you Joe!

Click here to see the real testimonial on the Better Business Bureau Website

Tami and Ken Pruett, Portland Oregon. – April 2015

Although we did not end up using PDX Renovations, Ernest took his time to meet with us and was very honest that we should sell the house the traditional way. He explained the types of properties that PDX takes on and that he could not offer us nearly as much as we could sell the property for on the market. His straight forwardness and honesty was refreshing. He even recommended a Real Estate agent to us. It was a very positive experience.

Bobbi McConell Vancouver WA – March 2015

I was looking for a buyer for my home and PDX was able to step up and turn around the deal quickly. Their cash offer sped the process up quite a bit as well so I had the ability to purchase a home in another state during a re-location.

Ernst Osswald -Portland Oregon, March 2015

Thank you PDX Renovations for making the making the selling of our dad’s home such a straightforward process. We were overwhelmed by the idea of having to sell the house and had no expectation that it would go so smoothly. We were contacted by several other potential buyers and most of them attempted to pressure us into selling to them one way or another. However, working with you was an easy and stress-free process. Your experience and attentiveness to our situation was greatly appreciated and your associates all treated us with respect and dignity at all times. Thank you for your professionalism and assistance during this difficult time.

Leo & Nicole Suzuki- Portland Oregon, March 2015

I sold my property in Reedsport, Oregon to PDX Renovations for a quick sale, as-is cash pay out! They were patient and helpful because I had some trouble getting a clear title. They followed through and closed the deal quickly.

Thank you, Thomas Kindrick- Reedsport Oregon, March 2015

It was a big decision to moved from our family home of 34 years. It came with lots of prayer. We knew we didn’t want to pay a realtor up to 20k to sell our house. After finding the perfect house to buy we decided to look for a cash out offer, So we went on line. The first 2 people who came weren’t even close to what we wanted and they didn’t care about us but only the property.  When we found PDX Joe came buy. First of all he was caring and listen to all of our needs and truly wanted what was best for both of us and what would work. He had a eye for what the house could become. Soon after we closed the deal!! His partner also was very kind and helped a great deal. They look out for all best interest all the way and work with us to the end. This I can truly say If you want the best of the best look no farther  PDX is the only way to go!!! Thank you to all the staff at PDX!!!

Caliatra Riesterer Mrs Oregon 2009 -Portland Oregon, March 2015

After interviewing three different renovation companies at the suggestion of my Real Estate agent, who knew I did not want to put my house on the market due to the condition. I went with PDX renovations. I felt they were just very honest and ethical. In reviewing the transaction, I find myself in awe, appreciation and thanksgiving for the incredible consideration, kindness and efficient assistance provided to me by PDX renovations, specifically Ernest and Joe. They were willing to wait for me to find my new home and then set up closing dates to coincide with my purchase home. The sale of my home at 7440 SE 34th was an incredible experience between PDX renovations and the incredible guidance of my Oregon Realty agent, Kathie Goldsmith, the nearly insurmountable effort was successfully accomplished. My gratitude is extended to each of you. I am now in a one level home that is very manageable and I am loving every moment of it. Many thanks pdx renovations.

Marilyn Malsom-Eastmoreland-Portland Or, MARCH 2015

I needed to sell my house quickly due to retirement. I did not want to put a lot of money into it and not be able to sell it. I found PDX Renovations online. As most other people, I was skeptical and cautious about contacting them. I did anyway. I was quickly impressed by their customer service and experience. They made a prompt appointment to see my house. They were friendly, courteous, honest and respectful. They did not nick pick at the flaws, but pointed out the positives. The sell of the house was quick and positive. Everything they promised, we received. I am thankful and grateful to PDX Renovations for their professionalism, honesty, and respectful treatment during the sale of the home we raised our family in. Click here to see the real testimonial posted on yelp.com

John Key- Retired law enforcement officer- Vancouver Washington, February 2015

Good Experience selling my house to PDX Renovations LLC. Overall a good and interesting experience. Joe was up front and on basically a handshake and a handwritten proposal/contract, the house was sold. He came in took some pictures, looked around, and we closed as soon as the house was empty. No big to dos, signed in the morning with Fidelity Title, got the funds wired to my checking account that evening. Great working with PDX Renovations. Simple and Fast.

Carlos Catala- Happy Valley Oregon, January 2015

I had been working with My client for almost ten years. I knew she was in a bad situation and really needed to sell her home. The home had been in the family for over 50 years. After she had raised 4 grandson in the house it was pretty rough. My client did not want to put her house on the market because she was embarrassed about the condition of the house. I suggested maybe we have a few investors come look at and see what they think. We had four different investment/renovation companies come out. I have to say that a couple were real unprofessional and used high pressure on my client. They also wanted to buy her house way under market. Another one offered a decent amount but my client and I also felt they were using high pressure tactics. In the end she went with PDX Renovations. What a blessing they were. Ernest and Joe were incredible there was no high pressure, they let my client find a replacement property (which took a good six months to find) and then closed at the same time as her purchase property did. Once they had closed on her property they allowed her time to move out, even provided pods for her to clear out 50 years worth of family belongings. They really cared about my client! My client is now living in a new one story home close to all the amenities she needs. I highly recommend PDX renovations.

Kathie Goldsmith- Realtor for Oregon Realty, December 2014

I felt lucky getting in contact with PDX Renovations. Ernest was refreshingly open and honest when I first met him. I was in desperate need to sell the house. Lack of money and time to do what was needed to sell my house. I thought selling it as is, and be done with it was the best deal for me. Unfortunately we couldn’t settle on a price. They were very honest with what they could offer me. It didn’t stop there. They continued to help me figure out what was my best options to sell the house. They then referred me to their real-estate broker Todd. He and I discussed what basically needed to be done. We did what we could and put it on the market. Two days later an offer was made. The house is sold and the burden lift from my shoulders. Thanks to them, everything worked out well.

Scott Steele December, 2104

I Had to Sell My House Fast! In early October of 2014, I decided to sell my house fast. It was in need of a great deal of repairs, none of which I wanted to pay for, much less go through the lengthy process of putting it on the market and waiting for a bite! Due to family matters, I didn’t have the time or sanity to go through such a process! One of my closest friends suggested I contact PDX Renovations. So I took her advice!

Within an hour of submitting my information through their website, both Joe and Ernest personally responded!  Ernest was at my doorstep to look over the house!  I was instantly impressed by Ernest! He and I talked for over an hour. Ernest answered all my questions in great detail! He fully described all aspects of the buying/selling process and how PDX Renovations does business! I calculated that in 2013, PDX Renovations bought a home (on average) every FEW DAYS…! With cash…in hand!

True to his word, Ernest got in touch with me that afternoon with an offer! I was going to be out of my house by mid October! I met Joe a couple of days later to seal the deal. Joe is fantastic as well!  PDX Renovations did everything to ensure my family was taken care of-FIRST!  I truly enjoyed working with Ernest and Joe!  They run, what I consider a “Quality Organization”. They clearly love what they do and take great measures to ensure their clients needs come first!

I would recommend PDX Renovations to everyone and anyone that needs to sell their house fast! Just as my friend did for me!

Nicole Gamble, Milwaukie Oregon- October, 2014

I contacted PDX Renovations about selling a rental home fast i owned in Albany, Or.

After talking over my needs with the guys at PDX Renovation they felt I would be best served if i sold the house through a traditional real estate company.  They put me in touch with an agent who listed the house as an “As Is” sale and sold in one day for over asking price.   I appreciated all the help i got from PDX Renovations in making sure i was put in touch with the right people to have a successful sale. Even though PDX didn’t make any money on the deal they had my best interests in mind. Thanks!

Carl Norgard- Albany Oregon – April 2014

I have sort of been at a loss for words as to what to say in this review- My experience with this company was so great, and I don’t want to come off as some sort of shill. However, I feel there are some really good things that need to be said about Joe and his company. He’s done me a very good turn, and I think people should know the kind of guy he has proven himself to be in my eyes.

My wife and I decided that it was time to sell our house and we wanted to do it fast. We figured our best bet would be to sell to a developer or a “We Buy Houses For Cash” type.  We had a number of interested parties come through and look at the place and most of them left us with a downright greasy feeling by the time our interaction was finished.  We go through the whole parade of them except one, PDX Renovations. By the time Joe stopped by, we were expecting more of the same. What happened next is still a bit mind boggling to me.

Joe and another gentleman came in, looked around the house, asked a few questions, and then proceeded to tell us that our house was worth way more than any “Cash for House’ company would ever give us, himself included. He even accurately guessed what price range the others had offered. He said that with a weekends worth of work it would be ready to sell for as much, if not more, than we paid for it.

That’s what he said- What I heard was: “I could offer you a little more than those other guys, send a few workmen over to clean up, and sell this place at a profit for almost no effort.”  In short he could have taken advantage of us, but instead had the integrity and honesty to offer us advice that has turned out to be life-changing in a very real way.  He even set us up with a real estate agent who has proven to be an effective, affable, stand-up guy as well.

Whatever business you have with this company I am sure you will be treated equitably and professionally. I cannot say enough, honestly. Click here to see the actual review posted on yelp.com

Nathan Walta – January 2014

In late 2013 and due to an urgent family matter I realized I would need to move from Oregon to California and sell my home in the process.  It had little equity in it, needed a tremendous amount of repair work, and I needed to sell my home in 30 days or less.  I would have never accomplished this without the help of Joe Taylor and PDX Renovations.

Though he wasn’t the first group I worked with, he did end up being the last and provided me support and guidance all along the way.  I was inexperienced in this type of sale process and encountered many other fast cash/flip businesses showing interest and wanting to sign on my house without having any intent on actual buying the house but wanted to flip it to someone else to complete the deal.  Joe walked me through the process of terminating my existing contract (already stuck in a long term escrow), and then helped me through the sale process with his company.  Joe turned around what I expected to be a disastrous financial situation for me into a transaction that I am very, very happy with and more so that I was able to get to my family within a few weeks of our starting the sale process.

I think very highly of Joe.  He is an honest man with tremendous integrity, and although we live in a world of contracts, legal agreements, and notarized documentation; I would have trusted Joe and PDX Renovations with a hand shake and would have known confidently that everything would have worked out as he said it would.  I would recommend PDX Renovations to anyone wanting to sell their home quickly, or even not so quickly, but not wanting to go through the more standard realtor route.  Again and again, thank you, Joe, and PDX Renovations!  Click here to see the actual review posted on insiderpages.

Cindy Knight- January 2014

I am writing this to tell you what an amazing person Joe Taylor & PDX Renovations is.  We needed to sell our house Fast and relocate for health reasons. We had been trying for a while to do “sale by owner”. With this we had a lot of so called “investors” coming out of the woodwork. Joe helped educate us about “scams” that were out there, told us where to go to do our homework in checking out “other companies”, We had two different so called “investors” back out on contracts at the last minute (within a week of closing) only to find out with the help of Joe that they were not investors at all. Joe came in and asked if we we’re still interested in selling, we told him YES!!!  For my birthday we received a signed contract from Joe, what a great gift, and things have steadily progressed from there. In this day and age it is so hard to find a person who is TRUE TO THEIR WORD….Joe is this person, when he gives you his word HE MEANS IT. Joe is a breath of fresh air, a TRUE, GENUINE person with INTEGRITY I am very grateful we found him and we are on our way this week to a new chapter in our lives. We couldn’t have done this without Joe. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. View the original posting on yelp.

Anna Mueller- January 2014

To whom it may concern-
I wanted to drop this email to let you know how pleased i am to have worked with pdx renovations when i had to sell my Portland house fast. First off when i had called Pdx Renovations to come out and make me an offer i was actually already under contract with another so called “cash house buyer”.  Pdx Renovations ended up educating me about the offer i was at the time obligated by and the potential pitfalls associated with it. After a few days of dealing with this other buyer I finally got out of the contract with the help of Pdx Renovations and a week later closed the sale, selling the house to Pdx renovations for cash. Pdx renovations not only helped me get out of a contract that was a waste of my time, but they did everything they stated in our dealings. They immediately put up cash to help me out, closed on the day i wanted, and at the end of the transaction they paid me $50,000.00 (yes i said “Fifty Thousand Dollars”) more then the other guy was going to pay for the house and they dealt with my bad tenant issues. I can not say thank you enough for the headache that they saved me. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone i know  that needs to sell a house fast. These guys are the real deal, they do what they say and pay top prices. Again Thank you very much.

Tom Gauger- Portland Oregon- August 2013

I’m writing today to let you know how pleased I am with the response of Joe Taylor. He walked me through several options, warned about unscrupulous  practices and what to listen for. He was kind, considerate and responsive. Everything he told me would happen in his dealings with me, happened, and I would highly recommend him to family or friends. I have other rentals to deal with in the future, and this is where I’m coming first.

Donna Race/ Race Properties- August 2013

I am very impressed with Joe Taylor and PDX Renovations.  Joe helped us get out from under the burden of a property that was in extremely poor condition, and he did so by following through with everything he promised.  Joe made us a reasonable all-cash offer; he made the process incredibly easy; and we closed quickly.  I highly recommend him!

Ken – Portland OR, May 2013

It would not be possible to overstate the positive experience I had in dealing with Joe Taylor of PDX renovations.  Personally, Joe is pleasant to deal with and knows his business.  More importantly, I had every confidence in his trustworthiness, even after our first meeting.  Shortly after; he made an offer that I was happy with, and was able to close the sale fast.  Additionally, the contract was short, concise and easy to understand. PDX renovations went above and beyond in making things work out for me.  More than I would ever have expected or even hoped for.  It is my pleasure to give this enthusiastic recommendation.

Alan Brown, April 2013

Joseph Taylor of PDX Renovations did an excellent job taking care of buying my old run down house. I got tired of dealing with all these problems and just needed out and to do something better in my life…. He handled everything very professionally and quickly and helped me to get out from the burden of taking care of this house …I just didn’t want to deal with the problems any more…and I only had to take the things I really wanted/needed and he and his crew cleaned it out before renovating it. I am a creative/artistic/sensitive type person that just needed a lot less to deal with and have spent a lifetime helping others and now I just needed time for myself. Thank you Pdx rennovations for taking this massive burden off my back.

Laurie – Rainier, OR 12/29/12

July 2012- I want to thank PDX Renovations for helping me through a truly difficult time in my life. I was in failing health and I was facing tax foreclosure, construction liens, city fines as well as default on my mortgage. I was in a situation where I needed to act fast and sell my home as I knew it would not pass inspections for a traditional loan, as the property had fallen into very poor shape as my health declined. I received a letter from PDX Renovations regarding my house. I called them and one of the kind reps came and visited my home. After a brief tour, we sat down at length to discuss my options. It was such a pleasant conversation as we talked about my health issues and other issues regarding my house. After about an hour the PDX rep left and said he would be in touch the following day. Like clockwork, we met again the next day and he presented me an offer on my property. Initially I wasn’t sure about the offer, but over time, we discussed all the necessary repairs, I was shown comparable properties for sale in my neighborhood and he explained why the offer was exactly what it was. I told him I would like to discuss it with my family. About a week later, I had discussed it and decided to move forward with the sale of my house. I felt I got a great price for my property that was in such poor condition and most appreciated was the fact that I was able to clear my belongings out of the home days after we closed. Never did they make me feel rushed or were they pushy. They accommodated all the needs I had regarding my move and finding a new home.I really appreciate all the understanding and patience PDX Renovations had in this process and they are a professional and very ethical company that I would recommend doing business with if anyone were in need of selling a property. Sincerely, Jim Blackburn

Jim Blackburn – July 2012

In July 2012, I called PDX Cash to buy my home in West Linn since I had moved to Montana and was having no success in trying to sell the home myself. Although the home did not fit into their portfolio because of too thin of a margin to make it profitable for them, Joseph called and emailed me explaining why he thought it was not selling. He sent me a very detailed email explaining why he thought I wasn’t getting any looks at the house. He advised me of several things that I could do to try to get people to look at my house. He did not have to do this, he had nothing to gain but he took the time to do it anyway. I was at the end of my rope and bleeding money badly and he ended up referring me to a colleague of his to help me out. PDX Cash’s competitors did not even have the common courtesy to return my calls. Joseph is a man of integrity and I would recommend his company to anyone and I will.Thank you!

Jim Krigger – July 2012

June 2012 I sold a rental house to PDX renovations.They gave me the best cash offer out of 5 different so called cash buyers that I called. They closed on time and made the selling process very simple. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house fast.

Dong Nguyen – June 2012

In April of 2012 we sold our home to PDX renovations. They paid us full asking price which was at full market value. PDX Renovations handled all the paperwork with their simple contracts and made things very easy and non stressful. We Closed at a local title company on the scheduled closing date we specified. PDX Renovations is a class act firm that followed through on all their promises. We would highly recommend their services to anyone that needs to sell a house.

Donald Kinder & Michael Whitcomb – April 2012

Back in December 2011 I used PDX Renovations to renovate an investment property I had bought. Among the list of repairs was a new kitchen with granite countertops, tile backsplash, tile floors, refinishing the existing hardwood floors, interior paint, custom shower enclosure, and finishing a basement. From start to finish the guys at PDX Renovations handled the entire process flawlessly! I never stepped foot back in the property until the remodel was done. These guys do what they say, they meet budgets and time frames, and the quality is always exceeding the expectations. They are not your normal contractors. I will most definitely be using these guys on future remodels.

Tom Garbarino – December 2011

I have worked with and referred home sellers to PDX Renovations for years and have found that they are always courteous and fair with my clients. I have seen them purchase a wide variety of homes in a wide variety of locations. They aren’t afraid of taking on any size of project, big or small. More importantly, they are able to perform quickly, saving several people even from foreclosure dates and other time sensitive deadlines. I was apprehensive of their service at first but they have proven themselves time and time again by performing exactly as they promise. After seeing what they do and working them as much as I have I now have complete confidence in their team and what they do.They really have helped a lot of people. I feel confident referring clients to them.

Daryl Bodle II- Keller Williams Realty, Portland Premiere -April 2012

I hired PDX Renovations to rehab an investment property we bought at 3815 Ne Rodney Ave Portland, Oregon. In only 30 days they performed an almost unbelievable transformation on this property. There was no surface left untouched! This renovation was professionally done in a very short time frame, came in under budget, and ended up selling the house for almost $25,000.00 over asking price in less than 4 days of being active. I will definitely hire and recommend PDX Renovations again as their quality of work stands out.

Jon Werner – May 2012