Tricky Tenants

Tricky Tenants   Landlords Beware   Evictions can be a tricky task. You may have tricky tenants. Not all renters abide by the laws or pay on time or keep a tidy home. Being a landlord is not something that is as easy as it sounds and if you recently… Read More

Remodeling True Costs

  Remodeling True Costs Estimates: Contractors and how much do they really charge?   Just like anything else in life, unless you are educated and knowledgeable in specific areas, you truly don’t know everything. And subsequently, sometimes you don’t really know the true cost of things. For example getting your… Read More

Household dangers

Do you know what’s in your walls? Household dangers Did you know that asbestos and lead based paint are still a big problem? They are just some of the household dangers you don’t really think about. In Portland, thousands of homes are affected by these dangerous materials and when it… Read More

Back to School

Back To School We all know that summer is the perfect time to sell a house. For one, curb appeal is better in the summer. Flowers are in bloom, lawns look good and manicured. It’s easy to think about moving your entire life when the sun is shining bright. Also,… Read More


ANOTHER CLASSY RENOVATION NEAR HOT SELLING HAWTHORNE NEIGHBORHOOD. ANOTHER HOME SAVED from being demolished. We brought back its original Character thanks to our fabulous team here at PDX. Check out the finished pictures below. Feel free to stop by the open houses this Saturday (Sept 3rd-4th 2016) from 12… Read More

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Great Portland areas

Great Portland Areas Choosing a good neighborhood in Portland is difficult. Not because there’s a shortage of good areas but because Portland is so diverse. So it basically boils down to your needs and wants from a good neighborhood. Are you looking for low crime, great… Read More

Heat Wave

Heat Wave Melting Yet?   Here are some helpful hints to keep your house and yourself cool during the hot streak:   Open windows at night to keep in the cool, then shut in the cool and pull drapes and curtains to keep out the sun during the day. Be… Read More

Maximizing Curb Appeal

Maximizing Curb Appeal The term “curb appeal” has been part of the real estate lexicon for ages, perhaps to the point that it may be dismissed to a certain extent. However, there is little disputing that curb appeal has a vital application in the real world. Briefly defined, curb appeal… Read More

Top 5 Stressors in Life

Top five stressors in life. According to health experts these five things typically cause the most stress. Death of a loved one Divorce Moving Major Illness Job loss Number 3 of the top 5 stressors in life is moving. We’ve all been there, probably more than a few times. Whether it’s… Read More

PDX Renovations Referrals

PDX Renovations Referrals Is there an “ugly” house in your neighborhood? An unsightly yard with overgrown shrubs and paint chipping away in huge chunks. Dilapidated front porch with a screen hanging half off. Perhaps appliances in the yard or an old car or piles of lumber. Maybe your neighbor up… Read More

Portland Good Vs. Portland Bad

Portland Good vs. Portland Bad We’ve all heard that Portland is one of the most popular cities to move to. Now, it’s becoming one of the most popular cities to move away from? Why?  A number of reasons are forcing long time citizens of Portland, Oregon to start looking elsewhere… Read More

Out of State Rentals

Out of state Rentals   So you bought a house, or two for an investment or decided to move out of state and instead of selling the home you lived in, you decided to rent it out. Then you moved out of state, perhaps to retire or make a career… Read More