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We buy houses fast all the time, so believe us when we say we know a thing or two about the buying process.


When it comes to purchasing a multi-family home, there are three main things you should keep in mind to avoid potential mistakes.


  1. Once you’ve started a loan application, never leave your existing job or stop paying bills. This will reflect poorly on your credit and may result in your loan being denied.


  1. Never make a major purchase or co-sign with someone on a major purchase right before you consider purchasing a multi-family home. Making several large purchases looks like risky behavior and won’t reflect well when you take in your loan application.


  1. Never allow your bank statements to go in the negative. Even if your bank has the overdraft protection, it’ll still reflect negatively as neglect to pay.

Keep these three things in mind considering a loan application, you won’t be sorry you did! Keep in mind, we buy houses fast all the time, so we have experience you can rely on.


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