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Are you wondering how to sell a home? Well, let us give you a quick tip – get your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep!


Does the phrase “chimney sweep” make you want to dance on rooftops and take a spoonful of sugar with your medicine? Well, all supercalifragilistic fun aside, a clean chimney can be a great asset in when it comes time to sell a home. In this post we’ll show you three things to look for in a professional chimney sweep.


  1. Always do a credibility check before letting anyone into your home. You can do this by checking how long they’ve been in business and asking for references.
  2. Make sure the company or individual is licensed by the state. Check the yellow pages. If they’ve been in business for several years, they should be listed.
  3. Beware of scandals. Scammers are everywhere so make sure to be aware of whom you are hiring. Ask a neighbor or check out professional websites when looking for someone to do the job.


Remember these three tips when it comes time for you to sell a home and get your chimney cleaned – you’ll be glad you did!


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