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Evictions can be a tricky task.

Not all renters abide by the laws, pay on time, or keep a tidy home.

Being a landlord is not as easy as it sounds, and if you recently bought a rental property, you’ll understand what we mean.

We’ll show you the different kinds of tenants and the nightmares that can ensue with each.

We will show you the 4 worst types of renters.

But first off, let’s talk dollars and cents.

There is a high cost to getting your property in suitable condition to rent out in the first place.

You may have to spend a month or two or even three without any income while you fix up the place, as most renters won’t be okay with living in an unfinished rehabbed house.

All repairs and renovations usually take 25 to 50% longer to finish than originally expected, so don’t get your hopes up when a contractor says it will take 2 weeks. Plan ahead.

Precious Time ~~ It takes time to renovate and fix a place, and most people have day jobs where spending hours upon hours at their “project” home just isn’t feasible.

Also, it takes a good amount of time to screen and find a good renter.

With good credit, a steady job, and a suitable lifestyle in which, you will feel comfortable with them living in your house.

It could take a good month or two just to find the right tenants who you know will take good care of your investment.

There are several ‘types’ of renters out there, but here are a few to watch out for unfortunately, these traits don’t usually show up on any background check. So dig deeper, get references, etc.


• The “Entitled” Tenant: This type will call you for everything and harass you for every tiny repair. They can’t take it upon themselves to do anything and expect you to come running at the drop of a hat because they are “entitled” to your services since they are paying rent and most likely have a chip on their shoulder about doing so.

Perhaps they are recently divorced or just lost a good-paying job, so paying rent is beneath them, and you, unfortunately, feel the wrath of their nagging about repair needs.


• The “Flaky” Tenant: This type may have a perfect credit score, impeccable references, and a good-paying job, but they are irresponsible with their money and time.

Making it nearly impossible to get your rent on time each month. There’s always an excuse with this one; eventually, it will wear you down, costing you money and precious time.


• The “Self-Proclaimed Civil Rights Attorney” Tenant: This tenant can be the worst.

Like the Entitled tenant, this one will nag about repairs, maintenance and issues by threatening legal action at every turn. They will look up landlord laws, quote bylaws, and civil cases.

Even if you think your house is in rentable condition, they will not stop until everything is perfect and to their satisfaction or the threats will continue.


• The “Cheap and Lazy” Tenant: This tenant just doesn’t care, mostly about anything, as you can see when you do a yearly walk-through.

They don’t care about keeping their space clean or keeping up your investment house with even little things like light bulbs and batteries for smoke detectors because why should they when it’s “Not their house” These tenants will leave things broken and unusable. Dirty and unkempt.


These are just a few of the worst-case scenario tenants, and again, evictions can be no fun. You can hope to get a good tenant who will sign a longer-term lease, but those are few and far between.

So do your homework and think about whether or not you want to take on the headaches of a rental.

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