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Are you beginning to regret your decision to become a landlord? Should you stick it out, continue to deal with the frustrations or should you sell the house?


The Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, AZ markets have presented a lot of investment opportunities over recent years. Many investors decided to take advantage of below market values by snatching up rental property. Unfortunately, many discovered that this landlord business is not for them. Here are 5 signs that you may not be cut out for renting your house and that you should consider selling your Portland or Phoenix house.


  1. 1.    Your Cash Flow Isn’t Cutting It. Rentals can generate income, but they can also demand a lot of attention and a lot of continued investment. It seems like something is always in need of repair. Association dues continue to go up. Extended vacancies mean no money coming in. All this and other issues associated with renting can create a strain on finances and may result in a loss of money, rather than the hoped for gain in monthly income.


  1. The Neighborhood is Taking a Turn for the Worse. The housing bubble and the recession put a lot of financial pressure on people in the Portland and Phoenix area. Foreclosures, unemployment, underemployment have all added up to a pretty ugly scene. As a result, many neighborhoods experienced a disproportional drop in value. Vacant homes, the inability to keep up with routine maintenance and an influx of renters have hit some areas hard. If you own in a neighborhood that has seen significant depreciation, you may want to consider selling that Portland or Phoenix house, because it is not going to get any better soon.  It might get worse.


  1. You Can’t Wait for the Market to Rebound. If you have investment money tied up in a property that could be making a better return today, consider selling. The value of housing is not expected to return to former levels for another 5—10 years. For investors who were hoping to make a faster return on the property, this length of time is just too long to tie up funds. Selling now can free up equity that can be used for other investments or to cover daily living expenses.


  1. You Don’t Have the Time. Renting can be very time consuming. Advertising a property, interviewing applicants, maintaining a property can all demand a considerable amount of time. For a lot of folks, the time requirements are more demanding than they bargained for and may be taking away from quality family time.


  1. The Property has Serious Renovation Issues. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to keep throwing good money at a problem property. Whether due to age, a negligent tenant or natural causes, knowing when to sell and move on can save unnecessary financial pressures.


One way to sell a Portland or Phoenix house quickly and stop the financial bleeding is to sell to an experienced, local real estate investor. You can sell your Portland or Phoenix house quickly for cash with a real estate investor and avoid continued financial stress and strain.


Are you considering selling your Portland or Phoenix house?


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