Real Estate Ads That Sell And Are Eye Catching

Writing real estate ads – There are few things more frustrating than writing a solid real estate ad. But the fact is, if you want to sell your home quickly you’ve got to write effectively. If you are struggling with your ad copy try the AIDA method or AIDA Approach.


The AIDA Method Explained

The AIDA approach or AIDA method spells out what you need to do to produce eye-catching real estate ads & more importantly, real estate ads that sell:



Be sure to grab the prospect’s attention. Most of us are inundated with real estate ads and information. To sell your home quickly, make your ad eye-catching.



Keep the prospect’s interest. You can do this by providing statistics, posing questions, or showing them that you understand their real estate predicament. It’s important to know your target market for you to sell your home quickly.



You need to kindle a desire in your prospects to come to look at what you have to offer. Show them that you can help them achieve their dreams and desires by buying your home.



Good advertising always inspires action. If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to get your prospect moving. Whether it’s a free consultation or an open house or inviting someone to schedule a showing, you need to call them to action. Make them want to move!


When writing real estate ads you should consider using the AIDA principle or the AIDA approach as outlined above. Writing real estate ads that sell is a skill that is very much worth learning and spending time on.

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