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Housebuyers Portland

Is it time to find the best housebuyers Portland has to offer?

At PDX Renovations, we are an experienced house buying company with years of professional sales in the heart of Portland.

We are committed, proven, and understand what property sellers want in this market.

Let’s take a look at what makes us the best.

No Repairs

Repair work is challenging and can be quite pricey too.

For those looking to sell their property without having to deal with repair costs, it’s time to look at our team at PDX Renovations.

We take care of these details on our own and will make sure the offer is put in without having to deal with repair work. Property owners can simply let us know they are ready to sell and we are going to take care of the rest.

The simplicity of this process is what makes us a top-tier option in the heart of Portland.

Amazing Offers

Are you tired of not getting great offers and having to wade through a pool of bad options?

This is one of the worst realities property owners tend to deal with on the real estate market and it’s not an easy position to be in.

As a result, it’s time to look at what we offer at PDX Renovations because the offers are always great.

Once you put in the call, we are going to have a specialist sent your way to assess the property. This specialist will ensure the final offer is a great one and well worth your time.

Legally Safe

We realize property sellers don’t want to break the law and want to make sure the sale goes through as smoothly as possible.

To ensure this is the case, we have seasoned legal professionals on board to assist with the process and will take care of everything from day one.

This means all a seller has to do is sit back, take a look at the offer, and accept.

Once this is done, we are going to make sure everything else goes ahead as planned and the sale is completed promptly.

You will never have to run around and deal with legal matters with our team.

Customized Closing Date

Do you want the closing date to be set for a specific time of the month or year?

We realize each property owner is going to have a unique perspective when it comes to the closing agreement and how it is going to be set up.

As a result, we take the opportunity to sit down with property sellers to see what is on their mind and always follow what they want.

This is the charm of going with us because we are committed to personalizing the closing date.

At PDX Renovations, we continue to set a high standard for what works and that’s what makes us the best housebuyers Portland has to offer.

For more on what we can offer and why we are the right fit, please take the time to give us a call at (503) 560-6620.

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